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This paper summarizes the story of the Motley Crew as narrated in the book “the dirt confession of the world’s most notorious rock band’’. The essay chronicles their lifestyles from formation, rise to power, moral decadency, and distinct highs and lows among other aspects. It concentrates on most remarkable events of the group as demonstrated in the autobiography. The work goes further to depict frightening scenarios of the Crew events taking place on and out of stage.
The Motley crew depicts a group of hardcore Rock Music heroes who begun life at the very center of poverty. The most famous members forming the group are Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars. They developed into a strong group of people with great affinity to drugs, sexual immorality as well as criminal activities. Each group member has at one time or another caught themselves on the wrong side of the law .The group has developed a hearing all over the world receiving attention from TV stations and other shows .
The group has a sexual life that has claimed famous personalities such as Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson and other group of teenagers all over the world. The group comes with frightening hobbies such as drug abuse, long records of imprisonment, insatiable sexual desires, handling dangerous weapons among others. The most abused drugs by the crew include heroine cocaine and alcohol.
The lives of group members
Tommy lee: He is a happy, childlike but hopeless character who had great faith in drugs and alcohol. He says that when his traits are added to drugs and alcohol the result is a tragedy and an amazing story for a book.
Nikki sixx; Presented as the brain behind the establishment of the crew. He was a gifted guitar player since his schooling with great addiction to heroine who appears older than other crew members.
Vince Neil: A lover of women, drug addict and careless driver who killed his best pal out of careless driving. Neil is ever in the company of women as is depicted by the number he takes to his room while on probation.
Mick Mars: The most interesting member of the crew with lesser ego and a remarkable degree of self esteem.
The group started off in the 80s as a broke group of four people with a common goal. At the time the group was associated with theft. They stole goods of various kinds and took drugs of various kind including liquor and cocaine. At the motley house life was not easy for the group .The house was characterized by lack of hygiene and clear signs of poverty. There were rats all over the house and numerous cockroaches would be detected all over the place. The house was rugged with poor construction as well as inadequate facilities. Signs of addiction were clear with clearly many bottles of beer all over. The group began getting actively involved in shows after which they invited various people to parties where they were offered different treatments and encountered with different drugs all in the name of socialization. The parties were associated with rape sexual activities as well as loud noise and other forms of social crime. It was the launching of their second album “Shout at the devil” That attracted the attention of crowds to the group. The album opened an opportunity for the group to be engaged in a world tour. The tour was organized in close consultation with the prince of darkness giving them an opportunity to perform outside Los Angeles.
Moral decadency
Soon after the lives of the crew members are torn apart especially after drugs take the center stage. Each member is torn out into moral decadency. Lee Roth comes with cocaine which he shares not with his friends causing them to break into other social evils. In their first world tour with the Prince of Darkness, for example the crew depicts their real character traits with each member involved in behavior depicting ill mental abilities. Nikki snorts cocaine the rest engage in peeing and leaking leaving the audience amazed. These immoral acts depict the crew’s lifestyle out of stage. Complete addiction to drugs was so common among crew members making it impossible for some to perform during shows. Examples of such instances are evident with Tommy Lee who had to be tied to a bed And Vince who had been completely under the influence of drugs prior to a major performance.
The team led a discomforting and selfish lifestyle ignorant of their surroundings and the effects they were impacting on their surroundings. Death and murder were common in their lives as depicted during the third day of presentation at Vince house. Vince drives in search for liquor causing a number of people to lose their lives in an accident. Among those who died were innocent bystanders as well as his very friend Razzle. The sadness of a dark lifestyle is evident in the group way of life especially when each group member differs immensely with friends as a result of uncouth behaviors emanating from consumption of drugs. The group involved itself in risky sexual activities with most members having more than one sexual partner. A case in point is when Vince was on probation. During this time he could go to his room with up to six girls creating a scene .The group viewed women as sexual objects and moving from one girl to another was no big deal for most members. Tommy Lee for example demonstrated his disrespect for females by presenting photos to the studio guys to boast of his sexual involvement with Locklear Heather the day before.
The crew was involved in a number of brutal activities especially because of their engrossment in drugs of various kinds. Wherever they went mayhem and crime accompanied them and they regularly found themselves in the wrong side of the law. Quarrels among crew members were common beginning from the very onset. As they prepared the very first album Tommy and Nikki opposed Vince and were in and felt that he deserved to be kicked out of the crew. In addition the crew constantly differed with the environment as is demonstrated by the car accident caused by Vince. The crew was also caught up to by law makers as is demonstrated by the nineteen days jail restriction accorded to Vince after the car accident. Another remarkable incident of brutality is depicted by Nikki’s decision to pull out a gun on a radio as a result of a mental misconception.
The health of most crew members was at stake with constant occasions of hospitalization, passing out and distinct health complications. This was as a result of drug addiction, careless sexual activities as well as well as involvement in other hazardous activities. Mick Mars, for example, was diagnosed with a dangerous bone disease but continued taking Vodka despite the terminal nature of the ailment. Nikki Sixx was also hospitalized having been overdosed with drugs to a point where his heart had seized operating. The use of penicillin to fight social diseases was a common act among most group members. Most members had signs of ill health and an observer would tell that group members were not far away from death. They attracted the attention of Aerosmith who advised them to seek medical help for their addiction rest they would die with no time. Nikki had been pronounced dead on arrival in the hospital only to be revived back demonstrating the extent of health risks associated with overdosing.
Other factors contributing to ill health include involvement in non hygienic activities such as leaking of human pee, poor eating habits due to impacts of drugs on appetite among others. Poor use of medicinal drugs such as penicillin also has an immense contribution to their poor health conditions.
Family Life
The families of most crew members had been ignored. Nevertheless the group loved their families and cared about them. The major reason for the desertion of families was drugs and substance abuse. As demonstrated by Vince and Nikki Sixx and Tommy u lee discusses various aspects of their family lives. Tommy Lee describes love letters to Pamela and his concern for his sons. The letters are written from prison as a result of engagement in illegal activities .Crime separates Tommy from his family underscoring the pain characterizing the family lives of crew members. Vince loss for his daughter to cancer serves to enhance his love for the family clearing the misconception that crew members had no love for their families. Nikki also depicts the traumas of his childhood and family live explaining why he had opted to join the crew in an attempt to free him from the traumas of life. Pamela sent lee to prison in order to free herself from his controlling antics. The crew members are thus to blame for their reckless actions separating them from their families.
The art depicts excessive touring and involvement with other women as the major factors contributing to the failed weddings for the crew members.
Achievements of the Motley Crew
It is undisputable that the Motley Crew is one of the most successful music bands to have ever existed since the 80s.Since its formation in the 80s.The group is famously associated with the Motley house. It is from this level of poverty that the crew rose to fame dictating most trends in the field of music. The group is credited for having brought fun back to the music industry affecting all continents. The group is said to be responsible for reviving rock music and mainstreaming its stage performance. It is true to say that the band was hardcore and their fame was well earned despite the impacts it left on the lives of many members. Although the group became famous at the expense of their health and lives, it is evident that they became rock Music stars who is still told of to this very day. The band rose to great heights with their rock music being shown in most TV stations all over the world.
Personal opinion
This art presents all seasoned themes that affect the lives of many musicians all over the world. The dramatic description of specific life events of major group members revolves around the impacts of drugs, sex and crime in one s life. The authors successfully present the behavior of human being under the influence of drugs and the role played by drugs in propagating crime. In addition, this art depicts the role of hard work and sacrifice in a successful endeavor. The art ironically presents characters that have deserted their family obligations to achieve worldwide fame. The great imagery used in the book serves to warn the whole world of musicians about the impacts of drugs.
This work of creative minds serves to entertain both the fans and non fans of the Motley crew giving them an opportunity to laugh at the behavior of characters. The authors are careful to present the actual trends in teenage music attracting criticism from critical eyes. It acts as a true record of happenings taking place behind the stage which are rarely displayed to the audience during performance. The art depicts the real lives of artists attracting sympathy from their fans.
The work however depicts a wrong image of women presenting them as sexual objects. It diminishes the position of women in a society and presents them to the audience as a weaker sex. It uses famous female personalities to emphasize the weakness of a woman in regard to sexuality. The art goes further to propagate moral decadency by vividly describing some of the activities carried out by the crew members behind the scenes. The art also lacks specific dates and periods of certain events making it unreliable for historical research.
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