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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:20
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Speech: Purpose and Scope
It has always been a common practice for a King or Emperor to give motivational speeches to public and army before the start of a big event specially a war. There has been several such speeches, given by various leaders across the world and this is also one of them however, the patriotism hidden in these words of Queen Elizabeth I, were sufficient to create a victory which made Britain a superpower for centuries. The speech was primarily targeted towards the soldiers who were ready to meet the Spanish armada and the sole purpose of the speech was to tell the soldiers how important was this war for them and what was waiting for them if they would come as winners.
Queen Elizabeth wanted to give her soldiers this message that she and all the people of England were with them and that they all were ready to die for the honor of their kingdom and that the war must set an example before the entire Europe that what will be the consequence if an attempt to invade or disturb the boundaries of England will be done. She wished for the best to be bestowed upon the troops and also promised adequate rewards on the path of victory.
Discussion: The elements . . .
Queen started with an assurance to safeguard the people with all her powers however mentioned about the importance of living up to the reputation. She emphasized on the desire to live with dignity and effectively used the words of motivation to explain the importance of this battle to her people. Her words were chosen cleverly to bring the God, Kingdom and People together and they expected everything from the troops going to fight the Spanish Armada. She decided to let the people know that she will lead them, leaving being the fear of death and with open arms she welcomed the courageous, to show her the flag of victory and her commitment to make their contribution worth would stand true. She, made lieutenant general as the chief of the event and took a wow from the people to follow their commands, the speech ended with a short prayer to grant victory.
This speech if given in the current scenario would not have had a huge impact on the minds of people, due to the fact that today people look at the facts from a practical point of view and do not easily get emotional. Although, the contents of the speech were only for motivation and were in the benefit of the people and the country, still there would have been various lookouts as today there are various socio-economic factors like media which can turn the perceptions and opinions by leaps and bounds.
Impact on reader . . .
As a reader this is a highly motivating speech and it teaches to push away fear, when it comes to fighting for esteem. The words of the speech are very strong and also motivate to take big steps in life and have really helped me to understand that when it comes to fight, one must not think about the strength of the enemy but should work on one’s own strength to kiss the forehead of victory and success.
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