Example Of Admission Essay On What Is The Best Advice You Ever Received Why Did You Follow It

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:26
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The best advice I ever received was to listen to my parents. Although almost everyone must have been told to do what their parents say at some point in life, the importance of actually following it through cannot be emphasized enough. As a child, I often questioned my parents when they tried to guide my actions, views and behavior. It seemed to me that they did not understand my feelings or the situations that I was facing. However, as I grew older, I began to realize that, although the advice of my parents was often difficult to implement and may have gone against what I wished to do, I always benefitted from listening to them.
My parents had already experienced the very phases of life that I was going through and knew exactly how I felt, and what would be the outcome of my proposed actions. They did not tell me what to do, but pushed me in the right direction and allowed me to draw my own conclusions. Hence, I could always rely on them to guide me whenever I was confused about the decisions I was expected to make. Over time, my natural resistance against listening to my parents declined as I appreciated the fact that they always wanted the best for me and were the best source of wisdom and knowledge that I had. Today, I do not hesitate to talk to my parents about my life, whether personal or professional. I always consult them and seek their opinion before taking any major decision. Listening to your parents is an advice that I highly recommend people follow!

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