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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:26
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Media as a whole is an ancient phenomenon and has been undertaken by mankind for over
centuries. It has always helped and still helps awakening masses, keeping them aware, educating
them about their duties and making them able enough to fight for their rights. Several types of
medias have come up over the time and they have covered almost every strata of human life.
test of time. There are several other kinds that have evolved like Electronic Media, Mass
Media, News Media and numerous others.
This survey was conducted to examine how many and in what ways students use media and to
measure their knowledge about it. It dwelled into the purposes of media and who all are affected
media. The survey concluded that though media has gained widespread acceptance in the
different avatars it has taken up, but still the faith and trust of people lie with traditional medias
which are still considered more trustworthy and reliable. Given below are some key findings
While 3/4th of the participants in the survey were male, rest were females and the results were
both shocking and in ways soothing. Though the overall importance of media has increased
manifolds, some forms have just lost their sheen. Television remains the most suited form of
media with 45% of the people opting for it, the percentage of people who prefer newspaper and
social media stands at 11 each.
Though social media and new means have impressed huge chunks of populations, they still have
a long way to travel before they win the trust of masses. Around 60 percent people still trust
traditional media over social media.
The survey digs into various mediums of social medias like Facebook and Google+ and came up
with some unknown and some bizarre results. While Facebook tops the list of social medias with
almost 50 percent people voting for it, shockingly second position rests with twitter with almost
18 percent people voting for it. The survey quite clearly shows the decline in the popularity of
Google+ which accounted for just 10 percent of the votes and rest of the social medias made up
for the remaining 27 percent.
When asked about advantages and drawbacks of social medias, participants came up with many
answers. The pointed and noted advantages are that it forms a good way of communication and
helps keep in touch with friends and relatives and of course, making new friends and sometimes
killing time. For some it is also a medium to explore new business opportunities.
Though the social media was lauded by some for the benefits it offers but I was ridiculed by
some for the prevalent and well known problem of lack of trust on social media and identity
Recommendations For The Survey:
Though the survey came up with some key findings, it could have been improved in some
aspects and segments. Number of people surveyed were very less and the number should and
could have been more since opinions of few people cannot be termed as opinion of the masses.
Moreover the selection of participants should have been monitored as Kaushik says,
‘Randomness is perhaps the most commonly used tactic in inviting customer to take the survey.
I, controversially, believe that that is sub-optimal in many cases. When trying to understand what
people think I have come to believe that surveying people who have had the chance to engage
with the issue is optimal. It shows a commitment on their part and we will get better quality
answers. ‘ Survey should have been conducted with people who are interested in and are
influenced by the concept of medias to get appropriate and suitable answers.
Citing data from some Government or NGO agency on the same issue would have helped
too, It would have helped check the accuracy of the survey and would have had lend it
The questionnaire though prepared after a rigorous exercise could also have been improved both
quantitatively and qualitatively. Number of questions should have been more and questions with
Just Yes or No and True or False as the answering options should have been given less
preference over Multiple choice questions or questions which test the answerer’s in depth
knowledge, since they do not give us clear picture of what the participant thinks.
Overall the survey did a pretty good job of bringing across some key and important
Findings but there is always a room for improvement and if these recommendations and
suggestions are included, they would lend much more credibility to this survey.
Kaushik, http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/got-surveys-recommendations-from-the-trenches/

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