Enterprise Resources Planning Systems Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:36:53
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Coining Technology into a Company’s Business: the Owens Corning Strategy.
- The role of information technology in realizing the company goals and objectives
- The 2000 advantage strategy and its effects on the information systems already in use
- The revised IS roles
- Implementation of the SAP system and its compatibility to the available hardware and software infrastructure
- SAP’s influence in improving company performance by giving technology a priority in production and general operations
- Key company roles in boosting adoption of new technologies and recruitment of IT compliant staff to manage the information systems
- Creativity and innovation in IS use and application
- Effects of the feasibility study of the organization’s current IT status on adoption and implementation of the SAP system
- Timeliness of the embracing of IT in the company to saving the bankruptcy state that was already underway
- An important realization that the company needed an IT literate and skilled personnel for an IS project manager
What are the changes of roles of IS in Owens Corning?
Initially, the information systems had been coined to support the businesses separately and as independent units but which were later on changed into a corporate system that supported all the business processes of the company in their entirety. There was also experienced a major change in the management of the information systems, letting people knowledgeable on the working of information systems is in charge of this department.
Previously, there were attempts to significantly reduce the costs incurred in the management of information systems, a fact that was later on faced off and budgetary allocations made to support the system. The role of IS was also changed from a spectator or rather an order taker into being a key participant in the running of the systems of the company. Previously it was expected that the information systems department could just find for systems to handle the tasks, but later on they are vested with the responsibility of building new systems to handle the newly emerged processes.
Finally, the roles of information were specified. These include; ensuring that the information needed from across the globe to make production possible is accessed real-time, striving towards ensuring the customer needs at hand are met and customer satisfaction achieved, lead towards timely and accurate decision making processes and to ensure the establishment of proper communication channels that is secure and reliable.
What the different stages of the implementation process?
The first stage of the implementation process has to do with consolidation of funds to ensure the whole process is real and effective. The financial department was changed to suit the systems, especially in matters to do with production of invoices and pay slips. Following this was the supply chain management processes. This encompassed the general training that was to be carried out in the company focused at equipping the employees with the necessary skills needed for them to favorably interact with and use the system. It also has much to do with how the change to the new system is to be managed, both by the top management, other employees and the company’s key stakeholders and most importantly the customers.
The third stage of the implementation process focuses on developing a global network that could be used across all the company units, and in effect to this acquisition of infrastructure that could support such a complex network system. Final to the implementation process is the bid to ensure all business units run their processes from the global platform. This phase also seeks to extend the training time on applicability and use of the system.
Briefly explain some of the business impact of the implementation of the new system (SAP)?
Expansion of the market scope to cover the entire globe is a major advantage derived from the SAP system implemented. Increase in productivity and profit generation with ease in financial management is also another business impact experienced with the implementation of SAP. By being of great influence to the decision making process of the company, SAP has played a major role in strengthening even more the brand of the company and in revolutionizing its distribution capabilities and strategies. The system has also worked towards ensuring the company maintains a process-oriented structure. This is key to ensuring variety of products, quality and increased production.
Who was playing the major role in each stage of the implementation?
In ensuring the first implementation phase that concerned financial consolidation was possible and effective, full responsibility was vested on the chief financial officer. This was so since he could easily guide on how the change was to be effected. Then the second phase that encompassed building of new systems to cover all the distribution channels was done by the information systems manager. The development and effecting of the global infrastructure was done by the human resource managers and other IS consultants. Finally, the last phase of the implementation process is the responsibility of the global development director.
A major step to automate and integrate the system was taken in a bid to improve it. This was deemed important since it could make access to information from any unit real time, quickening the entry and retrieval processes. After the SAP implementation, much positive differences were noted in the company. This is evident of the new interface that was simple to interact with and the ease with which information could be accessed. Production of invoices and hence payment was also quickened. Such are tangible improvements that had effect on at least all departments.

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