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Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:01
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Paragraph one
From an individual and social perspective, the issue of Limb amputations is among the most striking of medical incidents in the world today. In fact, in the United States alone, there are approximately 85,000 limb amputations caused by a non-traumatic condition yearly (Harati, 2010).Of these amputations, about 87 percent are caused by diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers. These complications are also expensive in terms of cost of care and can exceed up to about ten billion US dollars per single complication per year. Limb threatening Ischemia, joint deformities and foot ulcers, the major causes of Limb amputations, are mainly attributed to a common form of neuropathy known as diabetic neuropathy (Harati, 2010).

Harati, Y. (2010). Diabetic peripheral neuropathies. Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal, 6 (2), 15-19.
Paragraph 2
The global health care costs linked with diabetic neuropathy and its chronic complications are elevated and rising due to the highly increasing rate of obesity and diabetes across the population demographics. It is highly predicted that an increase in about 15 to 20 pounds in weight of an individual significantly encourages the development of diabetes in the same individual by about 120 percent (Harati, 2010).
Harati, Y. (2010). Diabetic peripheral neuropathies. Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal, 6 (2), 15-19.
The article is mainly focused on the condition of Diabetic peripheral neuropathies. It describes this condition, as a nerve damage caused by diabetes, which affects the arms, hands, legs and feet. It also goes on to relate the condition to the issue of Limb amputations, which “among the most dramatic of medical events from an individual and social perspective” (Harati, 2010; p.15). According to the article, Diabetes is deemed as one of the main threats to human health affect people of all ages, ethnic groups, gender and educational class. That is why the article provides an insight of physiopathology of the disease, with further insights on the managements of its major complications. It vividly enlightens on all the conditions of diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers as well as discussing the cost of care due to the subsequent complication of amputations and the general cost per year; which is put at about ten billion dollars (Harati, 2010). In addition, this article explains the diabetic neuropathies in patients, showing how it manifests and how it contributes to the development of foot ulcers and joint deformities. Apart from this important information, the article also provides an insight on the carpal tunnel syndrome stating it is three times more frequent in diabetes than in the normal population. On page 17 of the article, the overall risks factors underlying the development diabetic neuropathy are outlined and explained. Noted risk factors as presented on the article are the excessive consumption alcohol or the use tobacco products, which put many people at a greater risk for developing neuropathies (Harati, 2010).
This article is credible since the author is on staff at Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Neurology in Houston, Texas. The author has also co-authored with other authors who have been doing research on diabetes since 1989. This source is great for the research to inform people who have diabetes and lower limb vascular insufficiency tend to have a more severe neuropathy than patent without ischemia. The quality of this information is great and it gives more than enough information. This article is a valuable source of credible articles on this topic (Harati, 2010).In other words the main points illustrated above are of quality and authentic.
Work cited
Harati, Y. (2010). Diabetic peripheral neuropathies. Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal, 6 (2), 15-19.

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