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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:41
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Databases form the important part of systems development and implementation. The same resource is useful in fulfilling the business objectives in an organization and thus largely influences the structure and procedures of operation in an organization (Garcia-Molina, 2004). With the proliferation of technology and the use of more advanced intelligent systems in the realization of business objectives and goals, complex database are increasingly being developed. As such the power of having a large intelligent/useful database is a prerequisite for success (Epstein et al. 2008).

Innovation is the key to problem-solving. A database is the last resort we refer to in order to acquire data that can lead people to useful information. Being able to get information on any particular problem facing the society is the ultimate goal in a kind of innovativeness that is going to be expressed in this paper.

A database which is relational in nature would be developed with the aim of solving real world problem faced by users each day. The database would be made in a way that each user using it will be put in a world of virtual reality whereby as the querying of database is done solutions are generated in a manner as to make a user believe that he/she is in constant communication with a live person. This can be achieved by creation of profiles whereby each user is allowed to enter information regarding to problems they face in a particular field.

The same users can also enter information on how they feel that such a particular problem can be solved in reality. With the divergence of problems experienced by people in the society, relationships will be used to link problems of the same kind such that similar questions posed by the user can be answered easily by invoking problems of similar kind.
Since such a database would be large in nature, it is most likely that querying of database would be tiresome as it would require a lot of computing power to do so. Therefore to solve this problem, use of logic programming and association of elements can be used. Such a task can be implemented to all kinds of databases especially those which are large in nature. Database definition languages should be implemented in a manner as to allow use of logic programming. In this case expression of ideas can be shared across different users in a way that only the relevant information can be used doing away with the irrelevant ones. In general databases would be intelligent in nature.


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