Criminal Justice Article Review Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:47
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Victims of domestic violence usually experience both physical and emotional distress. Everlyne Lozada may actually be traumatized considering that her marriage has survived only for a few days before the violent incident. She could not have anticipated her marriage falling apart that soon, this could make her experience emotional trauma. The physical violence she experienced could have caused her intense fear, panic, and anxieties. This made her rush and seek help at the neighbor’s house. Usually in such case that victims of domestic violence want their cases kept off the lime light. Lozada could have felt that the infringement of her privacy rights by the media was unfair.
The situation is puffed up by the fact that the couple is a celebrity. Cases like these usually have severe implications on such a couple and could easily ruin their status or deal a blow on their finances. This is usually the case where sponsors and clubs dismiss a star because of fear of ruining their reputation by associating with indecent acts of violence. Lozada may be aware of this fact and could feel guilty or responsible if things were to go wrong in the future.
On the other hand, Lozada could be feeling that she acted like a liberator against domestic violence. She did not just sit around when her husband violently abused her, but went to seek help, by so doing she ensured that she did not play a part in brooding or tolerating violent domestic acts. It is usually the case that victims who tolerate acts of violence and fail to act or speak out end up being subjected to more abuse. Lozada is probably now focused on her next move. She may seek to instigate divorce proceedings against her husband as it may be hard to mend this relationship.

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