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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:54
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Anna was a girl who lost her parents when she was five years old. She became an orphan and no one took care of her. However, she did not give up hope. She worked extra hard and had excellent grades at school. After she graduated school, she became a detective because she wanted to find out how her parents died 20 years ago. Anna had a “special ability” - she could see and talk to ghosts on every Halloween night. She felt this “special ability” had changed her life a lot. She used her ability uncover many facts, but she never discovered the facts about how her parents died.
During the past 20 years, she never saw her parents on Halloween night. Could she really see and talk with dead people? Why could she not see her parents if she really had this “special ability”? No one could prove if Anna could see ghosts or not, and she could never find out the facts on her own.
In my understanding, the “ghost” that Anna talked to was not a ghost; they were the evil from Anna’s innermost emotions. She could not see her parents because felt love for them.
If we say the lovely music is from the piano;
The piano cannot play itself without fingers.
If we say the lovely music is from our fingers;
The fingers cannot play songs with a dinner table.
The mountain is really majestic,
Far and near, high and low around the mountain are trees.
What is the mountain’s name?
I finally know the mountain is called Shangri-La when I get out of the mountain.
Why did I not notice I was in Shangri-La?
The reason is, I was in the mountain.
This is a really interesting picture that I found from the internet.
We tend to ignore the shadow at first, and see only a human and a pigeon. The man looks very depressed from his expression. Now, when we look at the human’s shadow we realize that the shadow is of a wizard. We can imagine that the shadow depicts the inside of the man which is totally different from his outside look. And the pigeon and its shadow are giving us the same idea.
Therefore, we cannot draw conclusions about anyone or anything based only on their appearances. We should look at things more deeply in order to find out the truth.
The old man
I have heard a very interesting story when I was a child in China. The main character in the story is an old man. The old man lives in a small village and there are two mountains in front of his house. The two mountains make the old man’s life inconvenient because he has to cross the mountains whenever he goes out.
One day, he buys a spade and starts to dig the mountain. He wants to remove the mountain by himself.
Everyone in his town thinks that the old man is foolish because trying to dig the mountain is ridiculous. Some people ask the old man if he can finish the work during his life. The old man replied, ‘I know that I cannot finish the work in my life, but I have my son to continue my work and my son’s son to continue his work. Generation after generation, we can finish the work one day.’

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