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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:47
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Many years ago before the computer was invented, years before the first pyramid was made, years before the first sign of civilization was seen, the earth was just a bush land and the ocean waters were all joined in one. The world had been created millions of years before this by the all powerful Ngai, creator of everything in the universe. After the creation Ngai left the world and went back to His home in the skies. Ngai was so powerful that He had created all the animals, mountains, plants and oceans in the world by the simple word of His mouth. All this was done on a Monday morning as Ngai was taking an evening walk in the universe; He noticed the huge lump and upon closer inspection decided to bring about order in the world. He ordered the waters to join into one and they did, He ordered the water to bring forth life and the sea creatures came about. All this was done within a few hours time and Ngai then left to His home in the skies.

The evil spirits were Ngai’s servants that had revolted against Him in an attempted coup. After the servants were defeated, Ngai banished them from His skies into the world below. Many years after the creation, the earth had been populated by evil spirits who had now assumed control and ownership of the land. Ngai saw all this while taking another evening walk; He used to take a walk a day through the individual planets and stars hence it had taken Him millions of years to get back to the earth. Ngai was very angry to see the evil spirits enjoying what He had created; these spirits had been His long time rival though they were weaker than Him. In His anger, Ngai chased the spirits out of the earth and before He left He made a woman. The woman looked like Ngai though there were some differences which are today known as the physical differences between men and women. The idea Ngai had was to create someone who looked like Him to scare away the evil spirits. The woman was made care taker of all the creation in the world; she was only answerable to Ngai.
After Ngai had left, the evil spirits returned but ran away on seeing the woman- they believed Ngai had disguised Himself to catch them unawares. A few years later, an evil spirit called Wainaa noticed that the woman was not Ngai, the spirit called its colleagues to come and confirm. But still the spirits were afraid of the woman; they believed she had hidden powers. After a council meeting of all the evil spirits, they agreed to combine all their powers to block the sun which was the source of light for the woman. Once they did this they attacked the woman and locked her in a cave. The spirits were still afraid of the woman and could only keep an eye on her by covering the sun periodically so they could not be seen; these periods are what came to be known as nights.
Ngai was informed of this and He came to the woman’s rescue, once again the spirits were chased out of the world but the nights remained as their combined power could not be undone. It was then that Ngai decided to create a human who looked like Him; man. Man was subordinate to woman but the spirits feared him more. They could only visit the earth at night but never attempted to touch the humans until one night when one of them pretended to be the man and conceived with the woman. A few months later a child was born but Ngai could not let the young child live; he was a child of an evil spirit. Since the woman had become attached to the child, Ngai could not take him away from the woman without using wisdom; He decided to kill him and tell the humans that they were all destined to die at one point of their life. Death was a new concept but the humans accepted it as their destiny. Since then, death has been a part of human life and we all have accepted as part of destiny.
The world has not changed since it was created and the humans we see today still looked the same to the spirits back then. Up to date, the evil spirits visit cover the sun and come to see if they can harm the humans but they can never conceive with the woman again as Ngai made all of the impotent after they conceived with man. Ngai also still visits the earth though regularly nowadays to confirm that the humans are safe.

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