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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:50
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Starbucks is one of the most prominent companies that offer coffee products all across the world. With a target audience of more than 100 million people across the world, Starbucks goal is to improve its brand quality and image. They have done this in several ways. Regarding the quality of coffee it offers, Starbucks engages in buying quality coffee beans, which in turn produce quality coffee (Breckenfeld, 2008). The quality of coffee offered is also boosted by the technologically advanced equipment they used in the processing of coffee.
The quality beans bought from farmers and the processing methods offers to Starbucks an upper hand in the quality of coffee it produces. They have collaborated with Dryers Ice Cream and Pepsi to ensure that its brand in the market stays impressive to customers through the wide range of products they offer. The in-store experience offered by Starbucks is astounding. They have chosen to capitalize on consumer satisfaction so that people do not only seek the quality coffee but a fantastic experience too. The experience is in terms of the cool, soft music and a tranquil meeting place after work. They provide a magnificent and cheerful meeting place, which makes it socially appreciated by people who want to meet and couples who want to spend dates there. Their social responsibility extends to more than the quality of coffee they offer (Breckenfeld, 2008).
In my opinion, Starbucks should not avoid excessive advertising because; it is what makes its brand popular and attractive among the consumers. Advertising of their services and products are done with the purpose of creating an affirmative awareness about their products. Once the targeted audience has a certain perception, they are likely to engage in the exchange process by purchasing the product more, which eventually leads to the customer’s satisfaction. They should engage in epic advertising to reach more customers and improve their brand image too.
Breckenfeld, D. (2008). The Cool Factor: Building Your Brand's Image Through Partnership
Marketing. New York: NY, John Wiley and Sons

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