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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:26
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The process of looking for a reliable and professional that could effectively handle the roles of a Global Organizational Effectiveness Manager takes time. This paper will serve as a compilation of answers for common questions that top FTSE100 Organizations ask to their prospects and target personnel. The important thing about answering such questions isn’t actually the content (although it could also be) but the way of delivery. This has been evident in my years of experience applying for positions offered by different companies.
My Name is Raed Binjerais and my objective is to be a part of a growing and competitive organization; an organization that will enable me to enhance my skills and stimulate my abilities to the fullest extent. I have a good and rich working experience in the field and this could be referenced by my work history. I have worked as an Events Organizer for over two years, a student guide for over a year and I am currently employed as a project consultant.
It is essential for an applicant to know several things about the company he is applying for. These things should be as significant to the position he is applying for as possible. I’ve spent several hours researching for the company and I have known several things about it. Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications company worldwide. Its main headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, specifically in London. It approximately has 390 million subscribers as of 2011.
I have heard about this position in several job posting sites. I have also heard about it from my colleague. Since Vodafone is a fairly credible and versatile company, I became interested. Another thing that caught my attention is the fact that it’s an international company. Therefore, there’s will be a lot of room for me to grow and enhance my skills—my goal.
I have never worked as a global effectiveness manager before. However, I have been placed in 3 directly related positions. In my experience working for as a Project Consultant, I have been subjected to time pressure every day. Time pressure makes it a challenge for me to fulfill my tasks but I persevered and succeeded in fulfilling my duties.
Right now, I could say that I am a good team leader. I have always worked hard to be seen by other people as a good example and this, I believe, is the most important part of being a team leader. One of my strengths is my adaptability. I always adapt to situations fast, whenever necessary. I have several other strengths as a team leader but I consider this one to be the most significant one. On the other hand, I admit that I am not good at maintaining a conversation although I’m kind enough to build relationships.
With regards to the need to travel if I will be the one to be selected for the position, I would be more than willing to travel under the company’s banner and fulfill all of the duties assigned to my along the way. As of now, the only thing I could promise to the company is my hard work and dedication. The other positive things will follow.
Taking the initiative is an important part of being a good employee. For me, an employee who does not have the initiative to do his duties is equivalent to an employee who is lazy. Employees are usually oriented at day one about the things they have to do. So, they should already know what their duties are and they do not have to wait to receive orders before they act every time.

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