Course Work On Lifeboat Ethics

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:55
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Seven Questions Answered
1. Garret Hardin uses the metaphor lifeboat to show the diversity that exists in the world today. He uses it to differentiate between the rich and the poor whereby the rich nations are the lifeboats and the poor nations swim around them. Lifeboat ethics differ from spaceship ethics in that lifeboat uses the notion that some nations are superior to others while in a spaceship everyone has equal shares to the resources.
2. Hardin argues that all the floaters are brothers and one cannot discriminate and choose who to help. They also have similar needs, which make it more difficult to select. His argument, however, is purely anti-Christian.
3. The owner of property should take initiative to protect it or end up losing out. Hardin uses air and water as the common resources. The proposed world food bank would be a commons in the sense that nations will not be contributing the same amounts but the needy will be withdrawing more.
4. That approach dwells more on technology than it does on the food problem. A world food bank, though a commons is a perfect solution to the food problem.
5. Protection of the environment is a necessity and free space of individuals, which is a luxury.
6. He argues that the past cannot be changed and the future should be planned from today’s perspective. I agree with him.
7. Hardin views pure justice as absurd. He argues that for the well-being of humanity, more has to be done to prevent environmental ruin. He says that wealth earned from a past of crime cannot be equally distributed; instead, it should be on the lifeboat where bits and pieces are thrown to the swimmers around the lifeboat.
“Who Is Responsible For Program Planning, The Academic Adviser Or The Student? Explain Why.”
The academic advisor should be responsible for planning all programs to be used in the process of learning, interpret it to them and provide the students with all the correct guidelines to ensure that the program is a success. It is the defined job of the educator to lay the platform for the teaching-learning process. The programs should all be student- centered such that they not only help the student to grow and develop mentally and academically, but should also help the students get exposed to the many fascinating facets of the world. The program should also provoke curiosity and encourage the students to follow up on the interest stimulated by the program. The academic advisor should be well acquainted with the academic and educational needs and requirements of each student. The advisor should help the student in evaluating their academic progress based on the specific program.

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