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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:13
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There is little doubt that the New iPad 3 is the best gadget in the industry when it comes to delivering unmatched and finest array of applications on a wide screen. The New iPad 3 offers improvements on its predecessor the iPad 2, making it brilliant in every sense of the description, be it reading, browsing, gaming, or entertainment. For instance, the Retina Display ensures that everything viewed on the screen appears superbly crisp (Apple). The A5X processor delivers maximum speed performance and exceptional graphics coupled with low-power system (Apple). The 5MP iSight rear camera improves HD video recording, photo experience, and video geotagging. Internet experience is enhanced by the Ultafast 4G LTE wireless technology, a feature that guarantees enormous speed when connecting to data networks (Apple). The memory capacity is also phenomenal allowing space for storage of virtually anything.

The thought and search process

The buying decision for the New iPad 3 was simple because I was determined to own this product after having missed the iPad 2. As such, my problem recognition in the thought and search process was entirely based on the idea that I wanted a tablet and it had to be the latest in the market (Yoffie, and Kim 23). Speaking of the information search process (Kuhlthau), I assessed and evaluated the needs that influenced the purchase for this product. I found these needs to include entertainment, reading, browsing, and information sharing. Due to my priori knowledge of gadgets in the tablet industry, I had to assess reviews that have been conduct on tablets and related products. I had a choice of four gadgets and these gadgets were the Motorola Xoom, the BlackBerry PlayBook, the iPad, and the HP TouchPad.

The alternative evaluation process within the thought process was guided based on the attributes of these products, the brand, technical specifications, consumer experiences, and the product capabilities. Eventually, my purchase decision was influenced by the means of acquiring the product, the payment options, and mode of delivery. Based on the above factors, I found the New iPad 3 to satisfy most of these needs and preference, particularly in terms of brand, quality, features, and purchasing options. For this reason, I ordered the product from Apple Online Stores, paid with my Credit Card and the product was delivered to my collection point after 3 business days. Speaking of my post purchase behavior, it has been phenomenal and I continue to discover new things about the product each day.

The target Market

The New iPad was strategically designed to cater for the needs of nearly every person with the exception of minors. Teenagers, students, businesspersons, professionals, and older people can use this product because it suits their needs. For instance, internet connectivity features, e-book readability, and entertainment capabilities makes it ideal for students and professionals who like being in touch with their colleagues while on the go while at the same time getting a dose of their favorite entertainment. The same applies to businesspersons who can access their jobs while on the move. Being an ardent reader of e-books, a fan of entertainment, a photo lover, and a browsing fanatic; I believe that I am the right target market for the New iPad 3.

The Marketing Mix (4ps)

The marketing mix elements 9product, price, promotion, and place) were properly considered in the New iPad 3 (Armstrong). The product aspect is the delivered by the technical specifications and features of the New iPad 3. These features include the 5-megapixel iSight Camera for photo taking and HD video recording, the A5X A5X processor delivers maximum speed performance and exceptional graphics coupled with low-power system, the Ultrafast 4G LTE wireless technology for faster browsing, and the Retina Display for clear viewing experience. The Product is also produced in different capacities thereby determining the pricing strategy. For instance, the 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB versions are sold differently. Pricing is also determined by Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity. The Wi-Fi only retails from $499 - $699 while the Wi-Fi + Cellular model retails from $629 - $829.

In terms of promotion, the New iPad 3 is well advertised in different channels. The Apple Website dedicates an entire page for the New iPad 3 where customers can access relevant information and make their purchases. Equally, promotion of the product is well covered in different promotion and distribution channels such as TV commercials, and print media (Armstrong). Finally yet important, place or location strategy of the New iPad 3 is global. The product is sold from the Apple Stores, Mortar and Brick stores, and cellular carriers across the globe.

Purchase Reaction

As earlier mentioned, I bought the product from the Apple Online Stores and it was delivered after 3 business days. I was so excited about owning the New iPad 3! The thought of owning the latest and perhaps the leading product in the tablet industry made me feel ecstatic. The product was well packaged including its accessories such as the charger, connectivity cable, dock, and cover. My New iPad 3 is a 32 GB Wi-FI + Cellular model and I bought it at $729. So far, the product has lived to my expectations because it has satisfied most of my needs. The only limitation is that I am yet to discover all the applications and that I might never utilize the full capabilities of the product.

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