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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:13
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What makes the internet work
The internet is growing by the say. There are a lot of machinery and technology that is driving the Internet. There are many ingredients that make the Internet. It is a mesh of technologies like peer to peer technologies, web services and file sharing. From the beginning, the Internet has been a collection of components. An important component of the Internet is gateways which are now referred to as the routers. There are many local area networks which are available in the world. All these networks are brought together so that they make one big network. The Internet is what we get from the connection and bringing together of these networks. There is the assigning of IP addresses for the various networks that are available on the Internet. Each computer has a unique address that is used to identify the network from the rest of the computers. A user on the internet is identified by a unique address (network) for that given network. There are servers that are used to host.
There is also the capability of file sharing. The Internet is not the technologies that make it alone. The Internet is the collection of the whole process including the services and the technologies. There is therefore the issue of file sharing that comes with Internet use. It is possible to share files on the Internet. With the use of emails, it is possible to share files by attaching them in the mails that we send. With social networks, this capability is also made possible with the ability to post files on the social sites that we use. There are also sites that are dedicating with hosting files and sharing them on the Internet. This makes it possible to share documents today.
Another driver of the internet is the protocols that are used on the Internet. The TCP/IP protocol is used to drive the connections on the Internet. Without this protocol, it would be hard and difficult to undertake any connection. The TCP/IP is what defines what to be followed in order to have the connections. Protocols are the principles and rules that are used to define the requirements.
There are also web tools that enable the Internet to work coherently. . It is clear that we are able to work in a different ways with the use of online tools from the desktop-based tools that we were used to. We are no longer confined to looking for information but we are able to create and post information at the same time. The web has become a two-way traffic where people also have a say in the content that is being posted and read on it. This is popularly known as Web 2.0. The new paradigm shift in teaching and learning has enabled people to interact with the Internet like never before. There are many implications that are found here. This paper will look at the effects and the implications that the new technology has in the education sector. Emphasis will be laid on the effects that are seen in the multimedia industry.
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