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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:06
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According to experts, feeding to satisfy our feelings is rated 75 percent, in that the meals we choose reflect our emotional state. It is also believed that responding to emotional feeding with positive mind, we can avoid temptation by 50 percent of the total duration. That explains why we should not eat to satisfy hunger but also to consider factors like hormonal changes, stress, and anger we face in life. Feelings are part of human make up and feeding in regard to them is taken to be normal. Emotional eaters are individuals who feed on large quantity of food due to the pressure that arises from their feelings. For better health, I have learnt that it is important to rate my plates. This determines how my diet is balanced in the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates or the greens I include in my meals. Rating my plate also aids in setting goals in making changes in what I consume. This I do by taking note of the meals I serve and if necessary.
Mentally, it manipulates my thinking ability thereby making me to be mentally challenged. On the other hand, it can course lung cancer thus deteriorating my physical health. These two aspects are very imperative for my social well-being. I have also learnt that, dependency on Marijuana, can lead to loss of appetite, irregular sleep irritation, and it is driven more with psychological factors rather than physical factors.
However, my delight is that, I have not been able to build up a liking nor have I been a victim of Marijuana addict. Drunkards have sometimes made me to feel worried when I see the way they indulge in excessive drinking. At one time, I have been disturbed by an individual who drunk uncontrollably. This person made a lot of noise that I could not even concentrate on doing my homework. Drinking irresponsibly can make a person to be reckless. It can as well make one to commit a crime, for example, driving while under of alcohol influence can lead to road accident. Like Marijuana, cigarettes also have effects; it is the major course of lung cancer.

Having studied very well, I have learnt that, risks of heat diseases can be attributed to a number of factors such as, smoking of cigarettes partially or fully, as one smoke, the carbon particles inhaled goes to the windpipe. During purification of blood in the lungs, these carbon particles are carried by the hemoglobin due to carbon affinity to the oxygen in this compound. Upon reaching the heart, which is the pumping station, carboxyhaemoglobin is not pumped coursing blood clotting in the heart. Such a situation can lead to heart attack under severe cases and can even result into death in serious situations. Given that I am a partial smoker, I am at risk of getting a heart attack. Apart from smoking, I have also learnt that the foodstuffs I eat can also make me to be easily get attacked by skin and even breast cancer. Instead, I am trying by all means to prevent cancer attack. From the assessment, I have learnt that physical exercise, eating habit that is eating a well balanced diet, and an environment free from pollutant can help in preventing cancer. Therefore, I am trying through thick and thin to abide by these principles. However, I am not vulnerable to cervical cancer.
I also learnt that dependency on Marijuana may result to loss of appetite, irregular sleep irritation and it is driven more with psychological factors rather than physical factors. I have however, not been able to develop a liking nor an addiction for Marijuana. Alcoholic people can sometime make one to be worried when they indulge in excessive drinking. The only way to assist them lead a purposeful life is by keeping in touch with them, it helps them stay out of trouble and develop positive attitude towards life. From the alcohol quiz, I learn that generally, excessive consumption of alcohol can result to death.
Through the assessments, I further learnt that sex attitude and feelings are determined by nature and my personal desire. Through the assessments, I learnt that sex attitude and feelings are determined by nature and our personal desire. Compatibility is the key to success of any relationship. It determines how stable and happy coupes will enjoy their relationship to last.
Nurturing intimacy is another factor that relies on healthy relationships in which those who are involved share feelings and both have focus in the way they approach their life. Through completing the self-assessments, I have learnt that to avoid the risk of emotional isolation. I need to engage in healthy relationships. Measuring my level of fitness determines the activities I can carry out in relation to my age and health. By maintaining physical fitness, I tend to live a healthier life because fitness determines my health status. Knowing my physical fitness level also helps in preventing what might interfere with my health status than to cure which is relatively expensive. For instance, knowledge about my blood pressure or cholesterol levels reduces chances of falling sick thus encouraging me and my family members on their fitness status.


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