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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:34
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Towards a Newer Laocoon
Every single art can have a dominant role. If a particular artwork seems to be more dominating than most of the other artworks, that particular artwork could be a prototype that other artists could use in developing their art. This is what typically happens no matter how much an artist may deny it. They usually adopt ideas from other artist, use them as prototype and make their own ideas and then apply such to their own artworks. Although some characteristics could be imitated, it could still be called unique. The cycle goes on and on until a new generation of artworks or an entire art movement is born. This is what actually happened during the period of Avant-Garde. Music and societal roles were not the only ones that changed during this period, Art too. Almost everything was revolutionized and this revolution gave birth to a lot of newer art forms (impressionism, and other post-Avant-Garde arts).
Action Painting
I have learned why a lot of artists possess very unique set of characteristics that only them could possibly have. I realized that I, just like any other famous artists, could also have my own unique set of art-making characteristics. I realized these things because I have learned that there are a lot of ways that an artist can choose how to tackle a canvass or the foundations of a sculpture. It is definitely up to the artist whether he wants to express his emotions, his existence on his artwork or simply do a demonstration of skills.
Marc Rothko’s Text
A part of Marc Rothko’s text talks about picture. He believes that looking at a picture is like talking to another person. He even stated that pictures could defend themselves, although not literally. Pictures have communicative power and they can use it well. All of them have this kind of communicative power; from simple paintings up to the masterpieces and sculptures made by the finest artist. Marc Rothko also pointed out his way of painting. I think his paintings are unique because he does not simply paint to demonstrate his skills to people or illustrate something; he paints to express his feeling.
Jackson Pollock’s Text
I could see in Jackson Pollock’s text the way how he embraces new ideas and forms of art. He certainly does not want to be too old fashioned but he also does not want to change the entire way he views and creates his arts entirely. This person is one with nature; in fact you could say that he is nature. You could tell this just by looking at his artworks. Most of his works depict the greatness of nature, but that does not literally mean that he only paints nature. He is one with nature. For me, this is the reason why the outputs are terrific whenever he creates such pieces.
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract expressionism was an art movement that started during the American post-World War II days. It was immediately appreciated by a lot of people, and it was the first American art movement that put New York City at the heart of the western art world, Paris being its predecessor. Abstract expressionism definitely put a lot of impact in the way how people perceive art. Many post-World War II artists have been influenced by the principles of this art movement. Abstract Expressionism’s trademark is perhaps the right combination of different art elements such as the emotion, the style, and the color. Focusing on the emotions that artworks belonging to this art movement have, we would see that they would usually portray images of rebellion, anarchism, idiosyncrasy, and nihilism (Saunders, 2000). Such artworks could sometimes contain one or all of these emotions. Style is also one of the areas that make this art movement unique from others that originated on the same period such as the Fauvism and Cubism art movements. Abstract Expressionism is somewhat related to surrealism because there are some identical characteristics that could be seen in their styles.
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Saunders, F. The Cultural Cold War. New York: New Press. 2000.

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