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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:13
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Core Values that best describe Americans, and how they have affected advertising
American consumers have values that are based or defined by their culture. One of the core values of an American consumer is hard work. Americans believe that achievements and success come as a result of hard work. Hence, keeping busy is a part of life to Americans. Following the busy lifestyles of Americans, the advertisements are usually short and very precise (Thomas, 1999, p. 25).
Keeping fit and healthy is another important value of an American consumer (Thomas, 1999, p. 34). Americans invest a lot in their bodies and have a great desire to always kip fit. This means that they take keen attention on whatever they consume. Again, Americans will go out of their way to buy products and equipment that will enhance their physical fitness. This has made marketers and advertisers to concentrate more on products, equipment, and services that will help the consumers achieve the desired physical fitness (John & Edward, 2008, p. 57).
In relation to keeping healthy and fit, Americans have a special liking for youths and anything to do with the young (John & Edward, 2008, p. 69). Many will do anything to feel young at heart and hence, will go for products that have a youth appeal in them. For this reason, many of the advertisements placed in the media have a youthful aspect.
Americans believe in their freedom to chose and purchase anything of their choice. Due to this reason, marketers have gone out of their way to place as many advertisements as possible, on same products but different brands, leaving the consumers with a wide range to choose from (John & Edward, 2008, p. 99).
Use of Rational or Emotional Appeals in Communication Strategies
Rational appeals, also known as informational appeals are appeals used in advertising, which focus on the factual attributes of a product (Guffey & Almonte, 2009, p. 27). They give the consumer reasons why one should purchase a particular product by emphasizing on its attributes benefits. On the hand, emotional appeals concentrate on the consumer’s psychology. Emotional antics involve the use of feelings and humor, to evoke interest (Guffey & Almonte, 2009, p.28).
Advertisements that use emotional appeals are more effective than advertisements that use rational appeals (Guffey & Almonte, 2009, p.89). This is due to a number of reasons, one of them being that emotional advertising helps create a whole new brand, which is as a result of the different types of feelings that could be used to advertise a product, or how the different appeals rub in differently, depending on one’s mood. Emotional advertising reduces one’s attention on the pricing. The kinds of appeals used divert the attention of the consumer from the price, to other attributes of the product. In the long run, this helps boost the sales, ensuring long terms of profitability (Guffey, Rogin & Rhodes, 2009, p. 215).
Emotional advertising is widely used because it effectively addresses the immediate wants, enhances loyalty from consumers. It can also be used to change the mind of a critique. Again, emotional advertising easily catches the attention of a potential buyer (Guffey, Rogin & Rhodes, 2009, p.223).
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