Conflict And Control Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:43:53
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Arguably, for any organization to achieve its goals, conflicts should be handled well. In the workplace conflict will always arise due to different ideologies and needs. Controls are needed to ensure that there is harmonious relationship in the workplace; furthermore they are important in forecasting and monitoring. Democratization and work-humanization features should be employed in the workplace. Policies used in electing managers and other supervising body should be clearly and workers should have their stake in it. The workplace environment needs to be non-eliminating.
Community and the workplace should have close integration’s a manager historical mix is an important factor, this include cultural, economic and political circumstances. Experts should be welcomed so as to advice workers on the changes that occur in the organization. The council needs to regularly discuss the safety and healthy issues that concerns workers. Workers grievances too should be taken into consideration during these council meetings. In most companies nowadays we find that there are many strikes, workers should be allowed to air their issues in a democratic manner. Workers are allowed to form councils which are mandatory .The legislation set by the government concerning the relationship of the workers and management, workers freedom and right need to be adhered to.
Productivity of every company is directed to the quality of both management and workers. TQM and QWL programs be employed in the work place. This approaches ensure that each participant if the company participate during making of decisions on introduction of sophisticated technology. Changes in the workplace need to be implemented only if each member is comfortable. Flexibility in specialization is also another important management tool. There is need to ensure that there is no skill polarization in the workplace. Workers should be advised on the differences of their skills.
As a manager we should always understand that most of our time is spent at workplace. Our good friends probably are the people we work together. Therefore we should always have good relationship. In my point of view we should always plan what the future requires, furthermore we should have clear perspectives. The way we respond to the conflict, the manager should understand the characters of each worker so as to know how to handle each of them. Employees are helped to manage the pressures of money, time and family. The manager should be a good listener and have humane character traits. The company should have ensured that market and bureaucratic controls are followed.
Krahn, H. (1998).Work, Industry and Canadian Society. London: Wiley.

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