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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:31
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Methods of supporting operating systems

When supporting an operating system, there are some important questions that user needs to ask before him/her. These questions include the following:

I. When the computer is a plugged in
II. The type of operating system that is running on the computer.
III. If there has been a problem experienced recently before the problem occurred.
IV. Whether there is anti-virus software that has been installed on the computer
V. The time that the problem started.

After the answers to these problems have been got, the next step is to reboot the computer. If the problem still persists, schedule some time to come and solve the problem. When undertaking the troubleshooting, it is important to ensure that the capabilities of the operating system be known. If the computer runs Windows operating system, click on Start and right-click on My Computer. The pop-up window that will come, under the general tab, is the features of the computer. There you will find the RAM that is used and the processor that is being used. If from these features, you find that the computer has enough memory and processing power, then run a virus scan as this can be causing the problem. After this process, go to the control panel and check on the Device Manager to ensure that all Hardware components are working properly. This is found on the Hardware Tab. Ensure that the CD/DVD for the operating system is available so that it will be used in case there might be need to repair the operating system. It is important to have the manufacturer’s website so that if there are some components to be installed, it will be easier.

Common network problems

Networks are faced with daily problems. These are the problems that need to be solved from time to time. One problems that is experienced in computer networks is cable problems. This occurs when there is a network cable that has been cut or short. A short occurs when a cable that is exposed comes into contact with another exposed surface thus diverting the network signal.

Another common network problem is experienced if there has been a change in the network configuration or a network connectivity component fails to function normally. These components include hubs, switches, routers and bridges.
Another problem is that of collisions that occur in the network. In this case, there will be slow interconnectivity. This problem occurs due to poor network design. It also occurs when network card is jabbered, that is remains in transmit mode for long time. This is evident when the transmit light is on continuously.

Another problem is that associated with software like configuring WINS, DNS and registry. All these are caused by the underlying software that is used to manage the network.
The last cause is that of intermittent connections where two machines try to use the same IP address. In this case, there will be no connectivity-taking place. This will also lead to no assigning of IP addresses in the two connections.

Corrective measures

The problem of network cabling can be addressed by ensuring that the networking is labeled. This will ensure that the lines are clearer so that they are not tampered by anyone. It is important to let everyone in an organization to respect the network cables and cushion them in metallic trunking system.

The issue of collision and IP address conflict can be solved by renewing IP addresses. The IP addresses can be renewed when there are many conflicts in the network. The poor plan can be addressed by ensuring that the setup plan is laid. There should be logical connections set up so that the network is rightly put in place.


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