Chapter 1 Staffing Models Or Strategies  Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:41
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What would happen if there was a primary focus on the person/job match in hiring faculty and staff versus a focus on the person/organization match? Give specific examples.
In person/job match, focus is concentrated more on the characteristics that would align the “to be” employee in accordance to the expectations of the Human Resource department. The HR department considers characteristics of the employee in terms of interpersonal skills, relation with the job, motivation to the approach of the job among others. On the other hand, person/organization match includes the organization not only focusing on the qualification but also on how the applicant fits in the organization.
When the primary focus is laid on the person/organization match, the organization may end up with a workforce that is works more as a team than if the primary focus is person/job match. For instance, when a person applies for a sales job, he/she would be assessed in terms of how he/she can work with the organization to meet its goals; this will drive the organization towards choosing employees that can work with the organization in a compatible mode. Whilst if the primary focus were on person/job, different people with different motives may end up as part of the workforce and thus may lead to conflict of interest.
Legal Compliance
What is the difference between disparate impact and disparate treatment? What guideline would you suggest to ensure that disparate impact does not occur in the staffing and promotion of individuals from protected classes?
Disparate impacts are claims of discrimination with intent. This is where the employee knowingly engages in discrimination of his/her workforce in terms of gender or race while disparate treatment involves the suffering of the employees due to some conditions at the workplace. These conditions may not be set to intentionally discriminate on the employees. For instance, compulsory work on Fridays may unintentionally affect Muslim faithful who are part of the workforce.
To ensure that disparate impact does not occur the management should consider having a HR board that is diverse and when reaching decisions the employees should be consulted. This will be very important as it will make the employees feel as part of the system and thus cases of disparate impact are less likely to occur.
Time frame
Planning in organizations is very crucial as it gives the organization a view into the future. It aids them in staying put or focused to their mission and future plans thus ensuring that there is constant growth as well as development within an organization. When coming up with plans time is of essence since it sets boundaries within which a particular goal is to be achieved. The period set to attain a set goal is referred to as a time frame, which can be divided into three; long term, intermediate as well as shorter.
A long term kind of plan is scheduled to take, three or more years and an intermediate plan can take one to three years. Short term kind of plans take only one year or less and are normally used to solve urgent matters within an organization. Most organizations are never particular on the type of plan they want to e3mplo9y in a bid to achieve a given goal. They thus end up using the wrong kinds of plans for gi8ven objectives. If something i8s urgent, deploying a short term plan will be more appropriate than a long term one.
Job category and level
It is important for the management of any organization to choose job categories to be included in the HRP. This aids in the identification of the formal levels within an organization which in turn help in the identification of employees, promotion, transfer as well as demotions.
Organizations that fail to organize there job categories, are faced with the challenge of facilitating efficient movement of employees in the organizations with regards to transfers promotions as well as demotions. It is therefore important for an organization to incorporate hierarchical levels in there HRP plans.
Job analysis
To enhance efficiency, effectiveness as well as productivity within an organization it is important that an organization conduct a job analysis. The job analysis should entail the specific task of an employee, its dimension and its importance or value to the organization. The nature of the task should also be put into consideration.
Conducting a job analysis enables the management of an organization to priorities there tasks according to their importance to the organization. This is important especially in budgeting for projects within an organization. Funds will thus be accounted for and the risk of incurring losses when investing in a given task is also reduced greatly. Organizations should therefore embrace a job analysis culture in there HRP to ensure continued development and efficiency within the organization.
External Recruitment
What topics should be covered in the training program?
When choosing the topics that should be covered in the training program, we have to put into consideration the things that managers majorly look for or prioritize when it comes to recruitment of staff members. Some of the topics that may be put into consideration may include:
Introduction on how to determine a qualified employee:
This will skillfully aid the managers to be able to know what to look for when it comes to the recruitment of new employees. It will give the managers a basic introduction to the skills needed to determine a qualified and able employee for a certain job.
Ways of identifying a competent employee:
This will enable the mangers to have skills on how to identify an employee who will be able to work in a specific job specification. A good example is by putting a person after the recruitment under probation for a specific period to determine his/her output in terms of his job requirements.
Methods to employ when it comes to determining a competent employee:
When determine the recruitments method, this topic may equip the managers with the skills to be able to know what to look for when recruiting. This will incline itself to the qualifications of the person intended for that job. Might range from the experience the person have the educational level needed e.t.c?
What skills should the trainees actually practice during the training?
The skills that will aid the managers to be able to recruit the qualified and competent personnel should be the actual practical of the recruiting process itself. For things learnt in theory may not be applicable to some people in the real world situation. A skill like the actual interview of the potential employee and from the physical appearance one is able to tell or differentiate a competent and a non-competent employee.
Internal recruitment
Should seniority be eliminated as an eligibility standard for biding on jobs meaning the no longer giving the two-year plus employees’ priority?
This should be an outdated model of recruitment process since the freshmen with lack of experience might be exhibiting some of the skills that a two-year plus employee is not having. It has been proved that the new employees without experience are able to determine the dynamism of a specific job and being able to adapt to the same.
How could career mobility paths be developed that would allow across team movement and without threatening team identity and cohesion?
This aspect of the across team mobility to eliminate the possibility to threaten team identity and cohesion may be done through the training and updating the employees both junior and senior employees to enable them to be flexible on their job specifications. This will enhance the understanding between the two parties hence enhancing cohesion.

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