Case Study On Walk Before You Run By Comity Technology Advisors

Published: 2021-06-22 00:33:03
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A Reflection by,
Arguably, customers’ engagement needs a lot of powerful efforts and well-established strategies from the start. In the 21st century, customers have become well informed making it very difficult to convince them. The author primary message is to inform the readers on the importance of emphasizing the first touch. This implies that consumer engagement begins from the early stage of contact, and every aspect of it should be put into consideration. Perhaps, the beginning is a crucial determinant of the entire process of consumer engagement, as well as consumer satisfaction. Additionally, the author wants to inform the readers on the changing characteristics of the consumer, whereby the consumer is hyper-connected, educated, needy, as well as collaborative. Based on the current customers’ engagement trends, it is important to socialize with the consumer, and interact fully based on the needs.
The author intended primary audience in this case is the organizations who focus in satisfying the consumer and developing a successful customer engagement. In this scenario, organization refers to individual and firms who have an impact on the consumer behavior and engagement. Perhaps, the audience entail consumer based organizations and firms. The message is based to them so as to understand the importance of successful consumer orientation and customers relationship. In fact, the author states that customer relationship management forms the basis of organization ability to offer the finest customers experience. Technology and social media are here to stay, and organizations should include it in strategizing consumer engagement.
The author states various reasons that show that in the era of technology, consumer engagement should be carried out in a progressives move. It is important to follow the trends and embrace changes slowly as the organization could stand. In this case, the author asserts that it is crucial to integrate new strategies and modern channels sooner as it arises. In fact, the best move to developing a successful consumer engagement is by integrating the new and old channels into customer engagement and experience strategy. Technology should be implemented in an organization, but the old implementation should remain firm. Moreover, the authors affirm to the intended audience on keeping an eye on various fundamentals of socialization in order to maintain the consumer. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) have various core tenets that should not be neglected, this is because it can lead to long term and short-term issues. These include demographic information, customer strategy, data accuracy, and reproducible processes. The author das some evidence on the importance of having the right information, which provides the insights about the consumer. Before going global, it is crucial to understand social, which include social networks, social media, social monitoring, and social marketing. This social issue influences the communication and link between the organization and the consumer. Hence, social process and getting social play crucial role in understanding the consumer.
Generally, the consumer behavior and the way of management is changing tremendously. The emerging technology, computing, power, and pervasive communication channels have lead to new ways and trends of managing corporate assets, people and process. In fact, organizations have adjusted and adopted the new structures to accommodate the changes. Perhaps, customers of various organizations are actively engaged on online communications. The question that is in the mind of organizations is when and how to take this advantage. CRM should be a firm mode of building several emerging customer-centric strategy. When CRM is applied well, its impacts will cut across boundaries of traditional organizations that converge on both employees and consumer.
The author has conveyed the message by stating various process and implications of social. This begins by understanding fundamentals, understanding social, getting social, being social, social process, as well as keeping in perspective. Hence, this shows that before implementing and going higher in an organization, it is important to begin from the simple strategies as we progress. The primary message to the readers had a lot of value. This is because in this era technology has taken over various aspects of the organization. Basically, the intended audience learned how to make a walk in an organization before running. Process of customer engagement and understanding is a process that should ascend. The customers have become very informed and educated; hence, employees and organizations need to implement proper and effective consumer management strategies.

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