Case Study On The Diagram Below Is A Flow Chart That Shows The Main Flows Of Goods And Money In Fastfit

Published: 2021-06-22 00:39:42
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At POS terminal there is several information that are collected from the customers as they check out. Such information includes the quality of the products that are produced by FastFit. The customer is always interested in knowing the quality of the product because it is the most important factor that can determine whether they would buy that particular product from FastFit or not. Also, information that can be collected from the customers at the POS terminal is the information about the prices of the products. Customers say a lot about the prices of goods. When the price of the products is high there would be some complains from the customers.
The collected information is always very important to the company. FastFit uses the collected information for various purposes. First, the information is used improve the quality of the product. When the customers complain due to the poor quality of the products, the company would in turn improve the quality. Also, the collected information is used to fix the price of the product. If the price is higher according to the customers, FastFit will be forced to reduce the price of that particular product.
FastFit can identify their customers basing on the quantity of goods that a customer buys within a given period of time. At POS terminal customers buy products of different quantities. Also, FastFit identify their customers at the POS terminal basing on the frequency of buying the products.
FastFit supply their products from Headquarter to stores basing on the demand of the products in every store. The higher the demand of goods in the store, the higher the supply from the Headquarter. However, if the demand goes down, little products will be supplied from the Headquarter to the store. FastFit gets the information from the suppliers. Every store cannot decide what to order from the store because the demand varies.
Quality of the product/ quantity of the product
Customers’ specifications
The major differences between the above diagram and the one for store and customer is the fact in the above diagram the supplier is involved but in the other one there is no supplier. In the above diagram also, there is no direct contact between the customers and suppliers.
The customers enter their orders using information technology (IT) called Technology Stack. Both FastFit and Winter Gear are perceived as organizations whose competence in the market depends on the customer intimacy. The organization must rely also on the established customers relationship outmoded and personalized process to live.
The other fulfillment center will have to use appropriate technology for them to ensure full satisfaction to the customers. It is located at the warehouse because warehouse is the central place where the products can be fully checked before they are dispatched to the stores. There is some information required at the warehouse to provide fulfillment services. The information about the customers is highly needed because they are expected to determine the strength of the business.
The customers’ returns are taken to the warehouse in order to reduce the cost of transportation from the customers to the warehouse. Moreover, there is enough security in the stores than in the warehouse. In the stores it would be easier to identify the affected customer and would readily be served with another product.

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