Case study on the cultural context of global management

Published: 2021-06-22 00:38:38
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Summary of case
Elizabeth Moreno is the vice president of the chemical development and processing in the Global Pharmaceutical Company. Since the company has representatives all over the world, including such countries as Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, Engliand, France, many managers have to travel quite a bit. Most affiliates benefit greatly from video, chat, and phone conferences. However, even though these technological advanced do greatly facilitate the global communication, it is not enough. The French part of the company, for example, always puts everything to question and does not trust the American side, even though that is where the headquarters are located. Elizabeth is currently traveling from Phillippines to France. Lately, the French side has been experiencing some delayed processes. Elizabeth is flying to Paris now to solve the problem. Before leaving she took a course on intercultural communication, but she still understand that her job will be a hard one. Moreover, France, in comparison to the Philippines, has quite a different mindset as to communication. They tend to be more relying on the authority of the person rather than his true ability. Even though Elizabeth does not speak French fluently, her position of vice-president should lend her a helping hand. Americans and French see business differently and value workers for different qualities. Fror example, Americans value training and education more. At the same time, the French are more reliant on the ability of a person to adapt to any situation. So Elizabeth needs to keep in mind that her ability to act in the present situation will be thoroughly judged. If keeping in mind the changes in communication from her normal setting, Elizabeth should be able to make her trip a successful one.
1. Drawing from your understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication patterns from this chapter, explain why Elizabeth Moreno can do to establish her position in front of the French managers. How can she get them to help her accomplish her assignment in five days?
Since Elizabeth occupies an important position in the company, her communication with the French managers should be greatly facilitated. Even though she does not speak French, this does not mean that problems will develop, since her sphere’s main language of communication is English anyway. Since the French managers value a person’s individual ability to understand difficult cases and solve problems, Elizabeth should do her best to show just how well she understands the subject and show that any idea she puts forward is her own. This will prove her high intellectualism and rise her in the eyes of her French coworkers.
2. What should Elizabeth know about high-context versus low-context cultures in Europe? How can this knowledge help her be successful there?
Elizabeth should know the main difference between these two cultures. She needs to be familiar with the most important points – high-context cultures pay less attention to words and more attention to the way things are said, to the context in which they are used and the way the information is put forward. Low-contest cultures are more logical and action-oriented. Here fact and directness is needed. France is a high-context culture. This is quite different from the low-context American culture. Elizabeth needs to understand this and instead of throwing fact at her workers, look for a more personal approach.
3. What should Elizabeth include in her report, and what should be the manner in which it is communicated, so that future executives and scientist avoid communication pitfalls?
The report must be brief and to the point. The fact should be present but they should not be overwhelmed. Instead, Elizabeth should pay more attention to the way she delivers the report. She has to do it in such a way as to show that she is a true professional. She needs to show that she is versed in the subject and develop trust with the listeners.
4. How can technical language differ from everyday language in corporate communications? Explain.
The business world demands special vocabulary. Not for nothing business English is taught as a separate course. In everyday language we often do not pay enough attention to just how we phrase our thoughts. However, in the business word, each world is very important. It can change the way something is interpreted. Apart from special terms which one needs to use in order to facilitate the understanding in a particular sphere there are also special constructions that are aimed at creating definite understanding. In corporate communication, technical language differs by vocabulary and style. Both of these need to be mastered in order to achieve successful communication.

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