Case Study on Tanglewood Company

Published: 2021-06-22 00:41:47
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The case is going to focus on the recruiting procedure by the company Tanglewood which operates departmental stores.
This paper will construct a recruitment guide with the current situation of Tanglewood. This can be used in advertising for the job chances that the company may be having.

A focus on the methods employed by the company while recruiting their staff will also be analyzed. This will give an opportunity to analyze these methods in terms of success vis-à-vis the costs involved. It will recommend the best method that Tanglewood could adopt in recruiting their staff.
Question 1/h3>
Position: Brand Manager
Reports to: Marketing Director
Qualification: No minimum qualification, just prove you can do the job most efficiently
Relevant labor Market: Washington and Oregon
Activities to undertake to source well qualified candidates:

Advertise in the media
Contact regional middle-size companies to see if any are out placing any middle aged branding manager
Request employee referrals
Get the best performer from the tests run by the Kiosk

Staff members involved:

HR Recruiting manager
Director Marketing Department
V.P Human Resources
Potential peers and direct reports

Budget: $2,000-$4,000
Question 2

From the organizational context, the targets for the jobs are performers. The organization is interested in obtaining the best they possibly can to complete the assignments that would be delegated to them by the company.
Evaluation of the various methods
This method is ‘open’. This is because it allows for everyone who can access the media adverts a chance to apply for the vacancy(s) advertised by the media outlets. For instance, the internet offers the whole world access to the company adverts and this way invites application from the all walks of life. Generally, advertisement costs are expensive depending on the type of media outlet used. The rates may range from 2,000-10,000 (emphasis: depending on the type of media outlet).
This method is more targeting. It targets the employee’s relatives and friends. By offering the employees some amount of money ($100) for each successful referral, the company targets its employee’s contacts. This may be fruitful as one may be having efficient contacts and as well adds on good relations among the employees in the work place.
This is an open method allowing anybody (who can access the kiosks) to apply for jobs. The score feature ensures the company gets the best staff but it is open to manipulation by others.
State Job Services
Is a very cost effective method while at the same time ensures competent staff for the company. It is an open method which ensures screening for the best.
Staffing Agency
The method is quite costly though ensures a fast process to acquiring an employee when the company needs. It is an open method aimed at securing staff fast.
Question 3

Generally, in Washington, referral does better than the other three methods in terms of the qualification rate. This may be because the employees mostly refer their peers: classmates and the other people they’ve worked with before. It also shows good results in as far as the retention after one year and/or 6 months goes. Although it is the most expensive of the methods applied in Washington, it remains the most effective. Kiosks are cheaper with an average performance compared to referrals. To evaluate which method is the most efficient, we would have to determine whether the difference in success between the two methods are worth the extra costs spent for the referrals method. Media is not worth investing into as the costs are almost similar to that of job service while not indicating any better performance than job service. With these results, where Job service can be applied, it should be the company’s preferred method.
Using Eastern Washington as the reference, the difference in success in 1 year retention is 11% (75%-64%) while total difference in cost is 2,565,760-1,982,936= 582,824
Using Southern and Nothern Oregon as examples, agencies are the best. They have the highest success rates albeit being the cheapest. It would obviously be rational to use agency in recruiting staff due to their cost and success rates.
Question 4
Depending on the managerial philosophy of this region, Northern Oregon has a point. They are after qualified manpower and the kind of method applied in recruiting staff determines the level of qualification that will be experienced when performing the recruiting task by the agency. First according to the analysis of the methods of recruitment applied by all the agencies of Tanglewood; though they are some which are expensive to operate and maintain; application of kiosk and staffing agency are much efficient. Because; this is an enterprise that is after making of profit, hence that will require qualified staff. Using kiosk first of all will ensure that the applicant is informed prior to his employment the kind of job he will be dealing with and after his affirmation and qualification will he undergo the interview. Staffing agency is helpful because they ease the agony that the enterprise of the regions would undergo while looking for the qualified staff that they need to employ. Unlike other application methods being applied; Using Kiosk and staffing agency rather than using referral method is quite applicable and helpful to other regions which will indeed increase their use of external hiring though expensive but helpful to other regions too in terms of recruitment of qualified staff for their respective employment levels in the enterprise.
Question 5
The management of Tangle wood is torn between customer satisfaction and the best way applicable when it comes to recruitment and the cost of retention of the same employees. Hence the sufficiency of the way of recruiting is not the only way that can be put on to ensure better recruitment method and at the same time the maintenance of these employees and their retention. Hence, the application of a balance score card is the best metric when it comes to employee evaluation. This will ensure a part from the insufficiency of the method applied when it comes to recruiting the employees also their productivity and the determination of the financial status of the business will determine the possibility of their retention in terms of cost. Because the business enterprise like Tangle wood should not incline itself to the method of recruitment though at times essential but should concentrate on the result. Hence, the application of the balance scorecard that evaluates the performance of each and every employee will also increase the output in terms of the provision of quality services and the cost of the maintenance and the retention of the same employees.
Question 6
Proposal for recruitment
The reality is that the measures taken into consideration when it comes to recruiting of new employees is not only the demanding issue in Tanglewood top management; the process of the assimilation of the new employees in to the Tanglewood system is also a problem. Their aim of customer satisfaction won’t be attained without the assimilation of the new employees into Tanglewood tradition of service to customers.
Hence, to solve this issue Tangle wood should be in a position to apply a method that will both enable the employees to conform to the tradition of Tanglewood customer service relations. Hence, a part from the training of the individual employees to be knowledgeable on the customer service relations, they should also be in a position to put more effort on the retention bit because it was notified by the top management that the new employees even though being trained on the customer service relation, they still take a number of years to be able to conform to the Tangle wood way of service to the customers which always enhances customer retentions too.
Due to the many divisions that exist and the different philosophies that are functional in these different divisions, it is quite evident that the top management is divided on the type of recruiting method to apply when it comes to the conscription of the employees, the cost of input and the retention of the same employees. Hence with the above mentioned different regions of the Tanglewood and the type of recruitment method applied, the report evaluated the methods and saw it best that the bid for referral and staffing agency is the most preeminent method to apply because it is friendly to the finance department in terms of the recruiting process and the realization of the enterprise goals of customer contentment in terms of quality services offered.
Kammeyer-Muller, J. (2009). Tanglewood Casebook. Floroda: University of Florida.

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