Case Study On Interview Profile

Published: 2021-06-22 00:32:30
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Interview Profile
This paper is focused at looking at personality and attitudes traits in an individual. For purposes of the article and protection of the interviewee, he will be addressed, as Mr. X. Mr. X is an individual of sound mind aged 26. I recently interviewed him in an aim of learning more about him as a person. The first thing I wanted to learn about the individual was whether he preferred to watch an action in order to remember it, or was more comfortable with reading about it in books. To defend his answer, Mr. X told me that he was more inclined to remember an action more clearly if he watched the action take place rather than read about it. The individual explained that reading to him was strainers and boring. It involved a lot of concentration interpreting and visualizing (Benjamin, 2011, p.213).
On the other hand, observing was more better since it involved that he saw exactly how the action took place. At one point when the individual was explaining this he gave an example, which he concluded that he learned to drive a car by observing his father do it. Mr. X explained that this was among the classical examples that not only he had experienced. To be more categorical, the individual pointed out that reading or theory in general was not part of his strength options. However, the individual explained that he was always doing his best in handling practical stuff involving observation and understanding.
Unlike most people, who preferred to study in a quiet environment such as libraries for better understanding Mr. X preferred to study at home where the noise was. This he explained helped him concentrate. The individual explained that he did not like working in quite environments since he always got bored quickly. He explained that to keep his brain stimulated he needed the noise since the noise helped in keeping him active. The victim explained that a noisy environment was more helpful to the brain when he is analyzing what he was reading. The victim explained that he had never been able to concentrate in a quiet place since from when he was young he was raised in a noisy environment. Hence, the victim got used to working under noisy environment. In a more jokingly tone, the interviewee explained that he preferred his office being next to a club and preferred to live next to a noisy environment since it would be more beneficial to him. This made me more curious as to what Mr. X did for a living. The individual informed me that he was studying to be a professional chef. However, he did tell me that he had a night job where he sourced his income from as a disk jockey at one nightclub. This he told me compared to the being a librarian or receptionist was more fulfilling since he met and engaged with many people who helped him learn a lot about life and the world in general (Benjamin, 2011, p.219).
Mr. X informed me that he had taken the Myers Briggs test at one point in his life. Mr. X had taken the interpretive report, which most people take. The report he told me had ninety-three questions, which were aimed at helping an individual understand his personality. Mr. X informed me that the report explained the personality an individual ranging from the character types one has. The individual pointed out that the test was easy questions that when answered correctly suggested ones personality (Benjamin, 2011, p.225). The questions he told me were more concentrated on the normal things in life. For instance, he explained that one method was the ENFP, which stands for extraverted intuition with feelings. This is one of the sixteen tools created by Isabel Briggs Myers as a way of explaining ones personality type. Mr. X explained that he had taken a test since one of his friends had suggested it to him.
When I asked whether he believed the test results Mr. X categorically explained to me that the test at some degree had some truth in it. However, the individual was quick to point out that the test had an extremely wide margin of error hence he did not one hundred percent believe what the test results said. He argued that even with the sophisticated inventions of this time it was hard to tell what ones personality is like Benjamin, 2011 p.339). Computers, he told me, had a significant margin of error where they could suggest ones personality because of the system set, not because of the actual examination, which according to him had extremely high chances of being wrong (Benjamin, 2011, p.238).
Mr. X explained that his personality and attitude was shaped as a small boy and got stronger as he grew up. He credits his father as one of the valuable individuals who shaped his career and life. Mr. X is a competitive cheerful person who is energized by being around other people. He is the kind of person who walks in a room and every one lights up. This he says was developed ever since he was young. As a small boy, Mr. X experienced his father get sick and die of cancer. However, never once did he see his father look weak or not rise for work until when his cancer got to his dying stages (Benjamin, 2011, p.446). The interviewee told me that his father used to tell him never to show his weakness and that sadness was one way of showing his weakness. One particular incident that made the individual to what he was today was the last day before his father died. Mr. X told him not shed a tear but only remember the happy times he had with him. This according to the individual helped him immensely to shape his personality. In his own wards, the victim said, “I attribute everything I am today in terms of my personality and attitude towards life to my father s death.” This, the individual told me happened more than ten years ago (Benjamin, 2011, p.340).
Mr. X fills utterly that he is self-monitoring since it helps him in maintaining a constant and positive attitude even when pushed to the wall by the world. The victim explains that by self-monitoring his attitude it helps him in controlling himself get positive feedbacks. This is because he puts out positive energy. According to the individual once race or gender plays a critical role since as humans we are more inclined to building personality and attitudes amongst the people we trust who in most occasions are either gender or race related to us (Benjamin, 2011, p.571). Mr. X feels more motivated when he is intrinsically motivated rather than when he is extrinsically motivated. This is because when he is intrinsically motivated it simply means that he is self-motivated which will lead to him giving his best. However, he does point out that, at some few instances, he does get motivated by the price. For instance, the clubs he works for did host a competition where the best disk jockey was meant to win thirty grand the victim in this case was extrinsically motivated since the money was the main in the competition (Benjamin, 2011 p.441).
What I reflect on life and what the victim reflects on life are not particularly deferent. However, as a person I like working in quiet environments since it helps me concentrate more I also think that race and gender does not influence one personality since it is more of personal and not a public opinion. However, I do agree that, at some point, ones attitude can be influenced by race religion or gender. Unlike the individual, I prefer reading because I get the fundamentals of whatever it is that am trying to understand. Nonetheless, I do agree with him that at some things such as driving the best way to learn is through observation rather than reading. Again unlike the victim I am more extrinsically motivated rather than being intrinsically motivated. This is because I love working knowing am working for a stain price. It helps me work more diligently and helps me in improving my working (Benjamin, 2011, p.580).
Benjamin, L. (2011). Psychology: An Introduction. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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