Business Plan on Analysis and Contingency Plan for Foundation Batum

Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:50
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Risk analysis
Foundation Batum is committed at ensuring that a large portion of the people in Africa benefit from the services offered to the women in the society. The realization of the dreams and the achievement of the goals set up in this business plan are likely to be achieved within the time frame set, and with the resources that have been identified at the start up. However, the organization operates in a business, professional and geographical environment that is quite challenging, and where new challenges as well as risks are likely to occur at any time. Thus, it has been realized that the organization could benefit more towards achieving its goals if it focuses on effective ways of evaluating the risks and determining the most possible methods of coping with these challenges. Such an organization will benefit people ethe HRM, where neighborhood was sawn three years ago.

Healthcare sector in most parts of Africa is quite underdeveloped, and in most cases, there are very few healthcare facilities and professionals available for populations. This is especially in poor nations, where poverty and ignorance, in addition to poor governance, have been the leading causes of the situation. In addition, there is a high prevalence of mortalities resulting from poor health care when the mothers are expecting and during delivery. Delivery services and facilities are poorly developed, while the professionals and equipments are poorly distributed in some areas. As such, the organization has that there are several risks associated with these factors, and which it plans to cope with once they arise.
The organization will operate under the risks of deficiency in funding. Given that the areas to be covered are in poor nations like the western African republic of Senegal, there is a high probability that the number of persons presented at the facilities provided by the company will surpass the expectations of the organization, creating some difficulties in the amount of money needed to fund the projects. This is one of the major financial risks that the organization hopes to plan for and come up with its solution in case it occurs. In addition, studies have shown that the number of expectant mothers willing to get the services from the organization and the projects is quite numerous in most parts of Senegal, and in fact, the entire West African region.
Financial risks facing the operation of the organization in West Africa do not only involve the funding requirements, but also the operation requirements. The organization is aware that there are extensive regions to be covered by the program it will initiate to aid the expectant mothers, and in such a case, the means of reaching out to the persons located in remote and rural Africa will be quite a big challenge to the organization and its management. Given that the organization will operate as a non-governmental organization, there will be challenges that are likely to occur and which will arise from the integration with the people, the authorities as well as the other agencies working in the health sector in West Africa. For instance, there is a high probability that the organization will come into contact with the law enforcing agencies in these regions, and which differ with the differences in the laws of the regions country by country. For instance, there are certain areas in the region where the Islamic cultures and laws conflict with the traditional or Christian laws and traditions, and thus the organization must come up with strategies that will fit well in the regions, and reducing speculation over its activities or perceptions that it works to promote the health care for certain groups within the society such as these.
Apart from these social and financial challenges, the organization is also aware that the strategies it will use in approaching the problem of health is quite challenging to make, and thus expertise as well as extensive consulting is required. There are risks that may possibly affect he organization as well as its programs and projects if they were put in place before elaborative strategies are developed and implemented. For instance, the health sector in these parts of Africa, being generally poor, implies that the organization must consult a wide range of expertise, and prior research to determine the situation in Africa is reliable. In addition, this implies that further resources will be required for such things as studies to determine the best method applicable in West Africa, and which might change from one place to another.
The loss of one or more sponsors is a major risk that the organization faces in its operation, given that it is a nonprofit making and which relies on the well wishers. Given that the organization is highly dependent on the NBA team and players, there is a high risk if the player turnover is quite high, and which is common in the sports and games. Consider a situation where an NBA star named Nicholas is lost through trading to another NBA team or through an injury. This implies that Batum will have lost all the benefits it gains from the player and the team. This is a major risk that the organizations run under, especially due to overreliance on a single or few sponsors.
A possible solution to this problem would be recruiting of other sponsors and well wishers into the program. It is important to focus on the local African sponsors, who have the first hand experience in the trouble s facing the area. For instance, Africa is one of the places in the world where great sports people work with international teams as a profession, consider the west and eastern parts of Africa. If the organization recruits athletes from the eastern part of Africa, specifically Kenya and Ethiopia where great athletes come from, then there is a possibility that the risk of loss of NBA players will be solved.
Contingency plan
There are certain things that the management expects could go wrong at any time once the organization is in operation. For instance, it is expected that the organization might run out of funds, given that it will mainly depend on seeking funds from the well wishers in addition to the solid resources within the foundation. Donors are a very vital factor to the organization, and in any case they fail to fulfill their promises, then all the programs in Africa might be affected. In addition to financial problems, the organizations expect to meet physical and social problems, which are likely to cause its failure at any time in its operation.
In regards to these issues, it is important that the organization develop a contingency plan that which it will use in future in any case those financial, physical and social problems occur once it is in operation. This plan shall involve, but not limited to:

Elaborative research or pilot study on the areas intended to be covered
Reviews of the most recent demographic features of the population in the area to be covered
Assurance of adequate supply of resources for the organization
Increasing the amount of funds available at all time through progressive sought for donors
Admission of only the accessible as well as contended number of beneficiaries within the program at any time to reduce over expenditure
Proper financial planning and management, with frequent analysis for the expenditures as well as close monitoring of the financial office bearers and their activities

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