Book Review On Relationship Between Golf And Management

Published: 2021-06-22 00:30:25
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There is an amicable relationship between golf and management as illustrated in this preceding except or piece of writing. This is due to the fact that, the two work on barely the same principles and orientation.
For example, management is the process of enabling the realization of objectives effectively by mobilizing people or human resources toward the desired ends. This is enabled through the incooperation of the available and needed resources such as finances, technological know how ann natural endownment. Alternatively, management can be defined as redefinition of human acts inorder to facilitate the realization of the desired results. Golf on the other hand, is an organization or a sport activity, wherein , the competing parties or players use clubs to hit balls into a given numberof holes on a specified direction. This ball hitting is supposed to take the fewest possible strokes. The two , have a close realation in that, management determines the outcomes of systems and golf is an organization or a sport activity and an organization is often perceived as a system
Next, as rules and regulations are used in management, golf as a sport is equally defined by guidelines. These are either part of the golf ettiqutte. Such as ,safety, pace of play and ecxetra. In addition, there are rules that apply to it on an imnternational scale just like the principles in management apply globally.
There are repurcassions that, are always incurred when, regulations are flouted in golf as , there are penalties incurred when regulations are defied in management. In golf for example, penalty inscored are counted to a players score like they are extra sings on the golf ball.
Planning applies in both management as well as in golf. It is a priory principle in in management as it is, an essential in being a successful golfer. Management is largely indebte to, leadership that is supposed to direct and control its organization. In golf apt leadership is needed to direct and instruct its treatise.
Golf just like management work upon functions . namely, planning, giving of direction, exercising control and organization. Golf game hasto be planned to help achieve the expected outcome of the game. It has equally to be controlled to facilitate order and conceptualisatiobn of the play. Lasty, like management, it has to be ddirected by its managers and coaches inorder to realize its intended ends.
Golf require resources just like management does. For example, thec equipements such as golf clubs, a tee and golf shoe ears. In addition, it needs human persons to facilitate it just like management is about people.
In conclusion, there is a close interlink between golf and management as elucidated from the a bove piece of writing. This relationship ranges from, the skills that atre needed in both enterprisers like, interpersonal skills, decisional skills as well as informational sjkills. And the relationship goes on to embrace nearly everything in golf as itb does in managerial processes per se.
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