Batsons Grand Jury Dna Article Review Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:28:26
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Batson's grand jury DNA
Batson's grand jury DNA is an article that is intended to show that the defendants have no right to petition the court just because all the judges in a certain case come from a different race from the race any party in the case comes from. The aim of the author was to show that there was unfairness in the case of Batson V Kentucky. However, the constitution does not allow defendants to petition the jury because it did not constitute any member from a race one of the parties to the case belongs. The court is to decide on the judges to be included in the jury. The author tries to show how there was no fairness in the selection of the jury that was involved in the case. The jury consisted of judges from white race only and this is what led to unfair decision in the case. The black party in the case was treated unfairly.
The article is meant for the different races in the United States. Specifically, it is meant to inform the people from various races in the United States that any judge in the United States can be in a jury regardless his/her race and the people involved in a case need not petition the court on the selection of judges from different races. Even though the courts ensure that judges from different races are in a jury, this is not a requirement. Therefore, the people involved in a case have no influence on the judges to be present in a jury.
The article describes the case in details. A white lady and her servant were alleged to have been killed by George who was a black American. When George was caught in another criminal offence, he agreed that he was involved in the murder of Llsley whom he worked for as a servant before. However, he argues that he was not responsible for the killing. Later he argued that he was innocent and was not involved in the burglary. However, a court decision was made and found George guilty. The jury however consisted of whites only and George’s lawyer argued that there was racial discrimination in the case. The case was petitioned but George lost since it was decided that it is not possible to petition the court on the selection of the jury. However, the courts started considering including blacks and whites in a jury since then. This is meant to ensure that there is no discrimination in making of court decisions. However, the people involved in a case cannot dictate the race of the judges to be included in a jury.
The article has a good introduction that enables an individual to learn several law terms. Individuals are able to know what the article is all about by just reading the introduction. The article ends with a conclusion of the issue being discussed and a recommendation. The article has sub topics that enables individual to identify the main points being discussed.
The article has several weaknesses. First, it is very long such that some people in hurry find it difficult to go through the paper within a short time. The paper has a lot of irrelevant information when compared to the main theme. The language used in the article is difficult. Many law terms have been used such that the article can best be understood by lawyers. People without knowledge on law terms find a lot of difficulties reading the article.
Fairfax, Roger A., Jr. (2012). Batson's grand jury DNA." Iowa Law Review July 2012: 1511 . Academic OneFile. Web. 13 Nov. 2012.

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