Reducing The Threat Levels For Accounting Information Systems Article Review

Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:24
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In this article, the authors discuss the various threats that accountants and auditors need to bear in mind when performing information security for their respective companies. Also, the article examines SOX and how it dictates the duties that managers and accountants must attend to when dealing with potential security threats. Due to the new technologies and information systems that change on an almost daily basis, it is important for information security professionals to keep up with current business topics and techniques to successfully prevent breaches in security and hacking. The importance of academics to properly educate future AIS professionals in these new information security practices is the best way to give the workforce as much of an edge as possible.
This article relates to the course objectives in several ways. First off, it provides a more modern, contemporary context for the importance of accounting information security, showcasing the new methods and strategies that are being used to combat hacking and security breaches. It emphasizes the importance of proper security when performing data collection and auditing, as well as all steps of the transaction cycle. Accounting information systems fundamentals are the main subject of the article, and as such pertain directly to the main purpose of the course.
The article is important because of the large emphasis placed on security, as an important part of the accounting information systems process. Due to the fact that it is a pressing concern for everyone who takes this course, it is crucial that we, as students, understand what we are up against, as well as what we must do and learn about in order to combat the threats that are prevalent in information security.

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