Article Review On Wellness And Health

Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:02
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Yoga is a popular name of physical, mental as well as spiritual exercise that people used to practice in ancient India. Rest of the world came to know about yoga in the late nineteenth century and since then yoga emerged as a system of physical exercise as well as fitness. A number of studies and research shows that yoga has contributed substantially in the fitness and successfully cured some chronic diseases. This paper intends to discuss yoga, other related aspects and further talks about its role in fitness, wellness, health and discusses its role in reducing obesity.
Yoga has proved its importance in keeping people fit and healthy. There are a number of positions in yoga and practicing yoga is as easy as doing anything. There are millions who have sensed the benefits and importance of yoga. A number of instances confirm that yoga has cured patients who were suffering from chronic diseases and were refused to be treated by the doctors. Yoga helped such patients and cured their diseases.
We are going to discuss an article, ‘Fighting fit: Hero soldier who became obese after Gulf War injury loses 140lbs in TEN months - thanks to yoga’ which was published in daily mail on 10th may,2012. Victoria wellman in this report talks about 47 year old Arthur Boorman who was injured badly in the gulf war and was declared unable to walk, boorman gained heavy weight sitting in his home. He came to know about yoga and started practicing the same. Report informs that within a period of six months, boorman shaded more than 100lbs from his body weight. He continued exercising yoga and very soon yoga enabled him walking without use of crutches and leg braces. Now Arthur boorman is a fit man and teaches yoga to others; He says that doctors were wrong.
This report helps in understanding the importance of yoga and its contribution to fitness, health and wellness. Yoga has successfully cured boorman’s serious problem of obesity. Report shares how boorman has successfully shaded his weight cured him and inspired millions who are depressed from health related problems including obesity. Video of his exercises are posted on the websites by his son who shot several videos of his father during his exercises in the home. These videos are inspiring others as well as guiding them how to get benefits of yoga in order to stay fit and healthy.
After having observed the analysis of the yoga and observing the analysis of the article of daily mail, it is good to say that yoga has benefitted millions of people. Yoga helps people in staying fit and healthy. Yoga is not complex like other physical activities and involves very little time and no expenses. Yoga is not harmful in any sense and benefits people in several ways. Yoga is not only one of the best ways to stay fit but also it has proved its importance in treating a number of critical problems in a very effective manner and without costing any huge medical expenses. Yoga is proved as an activity that solves a number of problems and benefits millions of people.
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