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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:20
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Young people form a majority when it comes to a countries population. They are therefore the core decision makers and the main determinants of how stable the economy is. However, it is unfortunate that most of the young people and more especially in institutions of higher learning tend to shun from activities that are geared towards national building. As the United States gears towards election, it is important for the young people in universities to be reminded of the fundamental role they will play in deciding who the next leaders will be. It was hence a wise decision for Alpha Delta Pi sorority to host a public awareness campaign in the university as well as set a voter registration both in the institution. Through this move, the students, who are the future leaders, will realize the importance of them participating in the upcoming elections by choosing leaders of their choice.

During this campaign season, aspiring politicians will look out for everything to woo voters to consider them. This includes giving them some goodies and also using words to attack their opponents. It is such a pity that citizens only get to receive from the aspiring politicians during their campaign trips and neglected thereafter. It is clear from the article that ABINGDON, Va is only visited during campaign rallies. It is common for politicians to visit neglected areas but with a high potential of voters to promise them good things once they are elected. Aspiring politicians are also known for criticizing the former and current politicians for underperformance with the hope that they will be given a chance. It is however important for the citizens to realize such recurring lies and cast their vote wisely. They can always listen but not take keen. Past history of development is necessary in determining who will be most suitable for the job.

When it comes to choosing the next president of United States, the biggest concern is the economy. The major areas that have been of great concern are the high taxes charged on the middle class and the wanting health care needs of the people. It is therefore for this reason that the debate between Romney and Obama was based on these two fundamental areas. These are core areas that touch the citizens of America to the core. However, analysts are always careful to listen to what the presidential aspirants have to say and offer and gauge everything for applicability. One can always lie to the normal citizens but not to economist and analysts. In their pursuit to convince the public to vote for them, politicians find themselves contracting their reports without notice. Many times they forget that they are being watched and after they are done, their speeches will be recorded for analysis. This is encouraging as those who did not quite understand what the aspirants meant, will have time to digest and consequently make wise decisions come the election time.

Food is one of the basic necessities, it is after all the reason why many people wake up early morning to go work and return late in the evening. It is however saddening when the prices of commodities rise while the same is not reflected on their income. The standards of living have continued to escalate over the years, posing a threat to the middle and lower class group. They realize that they cannot handle the new changes and hence forced to settle for lesser than they actually need. When you look at the root cause of the problem, we realize that the group that benefits in all this is the high class. They are the main employers and own large manufacturing industries. Realizing that they hold the lives of the middle class, they will overwork them and yet not give them a pay rise. They however will be the first ones to complain of high fuel charges and overhead expenses and hence a reason to increase the price of commodities. As they do this, they enjoy the profits all alone without considering the very workforce that makes them smile all the way to the bank. It is therefore necessary for the government to intervene and ensure that with every rise of food products, salaries are also increased.

This is not the first time that the country is suffering because of the side effects caused by contaminated medicines. In the efforts of the doctors and researchers to find reliable treatment for patients, they end up infecting them with other dangerous infections. This clearly reveals the loopholes in the health sector where medications are not tasted before administered to patients. This also reveals the fact that hygiene matters are being ignored especially when it comes to storing and administering medicine to patients. Despite the efforts that are being done by the government to contain the menace, the damage has already been done and it is important for measures to be taken to minimize in the recurrence of the same. Stricter measures need to be employed by the government in ensuring that health care facilities and personnel are up to the required standards. There is also need for extensive research to be done and pilot programs be done on medications before they are distributed to the larger population.

United States serves as a country with the highest number of immigrants. This is simply because of the fact that it has a stable economy and is also philanthropic when it comes to receiving and hosting foreigners. However, this has also coasted the country in terms of security and distribution of resources. The issue comes when the immigrants make the country to be their home and are not willing to go and invest back in their countries. Most of them chose to carry their families to the US with the hope that they will adequately provide for them once there. It is basically because of the issue of illegal immigrants that has made the government to come up with measures to ensure that foreigners don’t take advantage of anything and flop into the country. The government should however consider other means of qualifying those who are meant to be in the country so that other innocent immigrants do not suffer in the process.

The debate between Romney and Obama to taste each other’s honesty is one of a kind. I consider it a perfect strategy for politicians seeking government positions to display their intelligence and their ability to run the nation. However, it is also clear from the debate that presidential candidates will go to the extreme just to entice people to buy their ideas. At times, before one is actually put in a leadership position, they believe that it is easy to implement what they have written down. There is a difference between a theoretical plan and a practical one. This is mainly the reason why those who have been in authority come up with substantial plans as they have tasted the waters and know exactly how things work. The biggest advantage that such debates have to the public is that they are able to hear what the candidates have to say and get an analysis of the same from the experts. This will minimize on the rate of citizens voting for a candidate simply because he made particular promises to them.

It is quite sad that a teacher would go to such an extreme just to get the attention of his students. This was a selfish move which was done without considering the psychological stigma that he caused on his students. The five year suspension was not enough punishment for the teacher as it will not actually make him feel the pain that he inflicted on the students and their parents. Teachers and other people in authority have been known of misusing their powers and using them to manipulate the people that are under them. With such a trend taking root in the society, it will be necessary for the government to take stern measures against the culprits to avoid a recurrence of the same. This however should not be taken by students as a means of being indiscipline and losing respect for their teachers. In as much as teachers are to play the role of caregivers, students need to respect and obey their teachers.

Reckless driving remains one of the major cases of road carnage in United States and the rest of the world. Some drivers and especially those driving public transport vehicles ignore traffic rules. They have no concern of the innocent lives they are carrying and mainly want to showcase their driving expertise. There are however a number of reasons that may lead to reckless driving which include substance abuse. There is also the issue of being absent minded where the driver could be overwhelmed with the issues that surround them. It is therefore necessary for the courts not only to prosecute such people but also find out if they were in the right psychological condition at the time of the accident. In some cases, drivers of public transport vehicles are harassed by their bosses and not given enough in terms of remuneration and allowances. Such issues may get over them while driving and hence causing accidents.

Bullying is a term that has been associated with schools and students in the early centuries. It is usually assumed that with the kind of disciplinary measures that have been put up in schools, instances of bullying are not only rare but unheard of. However, this is just an assumption; the fact is that bullying is still rampart in schools just that it takes a different form. Most of the victims are threatened not to say or else tougher measures will be taken against them. They therefore choose to suffer in silence rather than subject themselves to intensive torture. The only way through which such practices can be monitored and taken care of in schools is to create a good relationship between teachers and students. Parents should also be sensitive enough to report any behavior change in their children. Even though a lot happens when children are in their teen ages, nothing should be taken for granted. Follow up should be done to ensure that they are not just the changes that come with puberty but also something else eating them up.

Domestic workers remain to be one of the most vulnerable groups in the world. This is because of the fact that most of them have achieved only minimum levels of education and are desperate in life. Their employers take advantage of their situation and overwork them and yet not giving them enough in terms of remuneration. Passing a bill that will ensure they are equally protected like other workers will be a milestone that should be adapted by other nations. However, it will not only be enough to pass the bill but also create awareness among them. It is sad that most of the people and more so the children who are adequately protected by the law still face a lot of abuse and harassment simply because they are not aware of the laws that protect them. The awareness should not only be done to the domestic workers but also to their employers. The bill should however be amended to ensure that it is not one sided. It should be noted that there are some domestic workers who are manipulative and abuse the children. It will be necessary for the bill to not only have the interest of the domestic worker but also that of the employer and the family.

Social media has become one of the best ways through which people around the world can connect and share. Facebook has been on the forefront in facilitating this connection. It is no surprise that a billion people are actively using facebook each month. In this world of technological development, facebook has enabled people to stay in touch without much hustle despite their busy schedule. Old friends have been reconnected through facebook and new friendship is birthed using the same media. However, the fact that the identity of a person is not considered, a single person can have more than one facebook accounts and hence limiting the accuracy of the research. Facebook has also played a vital role in building organizations and even building products through advertisements. Despite many other challenges that are faced with social network, it remains the best platform for young people to connect and interact. We wish Mark Zuckerberg all the best in his endeavors to connect the world.

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