Article Review On Adolf Hitler Why He Was Not An Effective Leader

Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:45
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Leadership is not always about influence and doing what the people want but rather it is more about making the right decisions for all members of society. Based on this simple principle, Adolf Hitler cannot be classified as an effective leader as though he influenced people and met the needs of others, he did not make the right choices for the country he was leading. As a matter of fact Hitler’s form of leadership was based more on making choices oblivious of the people’s opinion; as is the case in such a situation there will always be followers who shared a similar opinion or who just believe in a decision because it was made their leader.
Ethics and leadership cannot be separated. Unethical leadership is uncontrolled and anything is permissive in such a situation. Ethics act as the guiding principles in most leadership decisions. This is because though there are many ways of doing things, not all of them are moral and ethical. Ethics hence helps the leader choose decisions that meet acceptable standards of right and wrong. Based on this argument Adolf Hitler was not an effective leader because his reign was marked with many unethical decisions. One such decision was the Jewish Holocaust which led to the murder of millions of innocent Jews just because Hitler thought it was right to do so. This and other examples where Hitler just forced his wish oblivious of what the people wanted or what the law stated show lack of ethics in leadership. Leadership is not one thing but several things such as influence, ethical decisions, right choices, and rationalism. Failure to integrate one of these aspects of leadership corrupts the whole understanding of a leader. Hitler was not an effective leader because leadership is not influencing people to do bad things or break the law at the expense of other people’s lives.

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