Arsenal FС Uses Buffalo Technology To Protect Data Article Review

Published: 2021-06-22 00:28:14
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Premiership Football Club buys storage solution to store, access and share critical information
Various sporting institutions have increasing needs for systems that can safely keep the players’ information and data. Arsenal Football Club is not left behind. The club needs a solution that can keep all the players’ information and analysis data protected. This is what compelled the club to install two of Buffalo’s TeraStation ES Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. The decision was arrived at after a thorough investigation of all the storage solutions. The club also purchased eight MiniStation hard drives with hardware encryption. This was to be used by the football analysis team, the medical staff and the coaches.
The high-tech encryption ensures that there is security and safety of the confidential data even if the drives are stolen or misplaced. The Facilities Manager at Arsenal Training Ground, Sean O’Connor confesses that his job is not to manage IT so, he wanted a solution would work. He found that the TeraStation was easy to set up and configure and was up and running immediately.
About the MiniStation, Sean O’Connor said that the team loved the portability of the hard drives in addition to the plug-and-play property, which greatly enhanced instant access to data. The hardware encryption meant that the confidential information was fully protected by personal passwords. The manager declares, “They are compact and lightweight so data can easily be transported and best of all, they come in red. It was like they were made just for Arsenal.”
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