Argumentative Essay On Nursing As A Profession Rather Than A Job

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:42
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Nursing as a Profession Rather than a Job
Nursing practice is guided by established code of ethics and professional standards that every nurse is expected to follow. The special knowledge, skills and experience that nurses undergo are governed by this practice. All these undertakings are carried out to promote life saving measures, promote and improve health, ease pain, suffering and loss of human lives. Nursing practice is guided by a common and unifying mission that is to improve and promote life. Therefore, regardless of the situation of a practicing nurse, whether employed or unemployed, he/she should view the practice as a profession rather than a job as this will promote how the profession is viewed and perceived.
Viewing nursing as a profession rather than a job is crucial for practicing nurses. This is because they will be motivated to take their profession seriously and work with the main mission of improving and promoting life. Being a nurse is a devotion in which nurses are bound by an oath upon graduation that will tie them to the mission of improving and promoting life. According to Cardillo (2011), the missions and ideals are guided by the codes and ethics, which set given standards that the nurses should achieve. Following these ethics and professional standards are vital in changing the face of nursing practice as every nurse will be fully devoted to carrying out his/her duty diligently, without looking at it just as money churning job. This will in turn improve life and reduce sufferings.
It is critical that nurses view themselves as professionals by thumping authority on their knowledge and hard earned skills. Nurses are expected to thump this authority on their profession, and change how they are viewed in the modern world by showing high levels of competencies and skillful behaviors that should be of nurses (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2003). After a prolonged and formal training, nurses in the modern world should align with the guidelines that truly define the profession as framed by Florence Nightingale. Nursing is viewed as a profession, rather than a job in the sense that nurses are driven by visions and missions that are founded on the commitment and responsibility of upholding the values of nursing practice.
One of the core values of nursing is the fact that the standards of practice are consistent globally. This is different from mere jobs where consistency is not observed globally. In other words, a formally and highly trained nurse can practice in any healthcare setting across the globe. Viewing nursing practice from this context is crucial in ensuring that nurses are respected as professionals and not as job seekers. Additionally, researches that are carried out by nurses, which have been vital in improving life goes a notch higher in indicating that nursing is a profession.
There may be differing views that nursing is not a profession, but a job. This is because, in many circumstances, nursing practice is based on following the directives of healthcare providers. However, this is not a concrete proof that nursing is a job. Following orders given by health care providers only forms a fraction of nursing practice. Nurses are guided by their profession to make critical thinking and judgment in accordance to their profession (Cardillo, 2011).
Viewing nurses as professionals is based on the fact that they undergo formal and extensive training in order to carry out their duties accordingly. The forms of training that nurses undergo are in accordance with certain codes and standards that is a feature of every profession. Categorizing nurses as professional will be vital in improving the lives of human beings while ensuring that high standards of practice are maintained. Therefore, nurses should maintain the high standards of practice and view themselves as professionals.
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