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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:42
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Architecture as a career has always been my enthrallment from the time I was a young boy as there is no monotony in it and would like to major in UC architecture. I do believe that my desire to be able to pursue this field stems from the fact that most of my teenage life I have spent it travelling the world and also that I once got directly involved in building. My parents like travelling so much and during those times they would take me along in their tours. During those times, I would take with me my sketch book for drawing all the fascinating views in the different places we would tour and give a personal touch to the sketches drawn by being creative and displaying them in the way I would want them to be. This passion grew to the point that I would urge my parents to arrange for another tour sooner since I was eager to see the new structures and compare them with my own sketches. Traveling the world has made me realize that our cultures are also incorporated in architecture and this has given me a reason to want to pursue architecture since it will be able to give me an in depth analysis of my culture and that of others.

I do believe that I stand a better chance of pursuing the course since I have several advantages. I have been able to go through a number of experiences which have given me a good platform of working as an architect in future after completing my course. I was once involved in re-building the Oakland houses which gave me insights on what is required in the profession. During my free time, I volunteered to give advice to the young teenagers on how to live there lives in order to accomplish their life goals which have been a tool of importance in my life. I will be dealing with so many people hence I acquired the courage to address a large number of people while presenting my designs. I also visited orphaned children and the old people in their nursing homes which was a motivation to me in creating homes where they would stay in when abandoned by their family members.
In addition to all this, I have been involved in my high school and college organization programs that have really build my interest in architecture as a profession. My level of creativity has really expanded and I believe that am going to be an asset in your department. I am also competent in my potential to produce quality work since I have managed to enter a competition which required participants to redesign the dorm in 2005 in which my friend and I emerged the first. With this kind of exposure, I am confident that I will give the department the necessary work needed. Apart from all this, I have undergone a two year college experience which gave me knowledge concerning how I can use color, lighting and composition in architectural application. The experience has given me the tool of brainstorming which is powerful in architecture since it is going to give me new ideas to present. The knowledge and skills acquired so far will enable me deliver well in all project assignments.


Moreover, I have had the privilege of going to Indonesia to work as a volunteer at Baran Bannan a UNESCO organization. The organization gave me a very good exposure especially since I was able to interact with professionals in the field of architecture who gave me a few tips on how to better my skills and be the best in what I do. The accomplishment I managed to work on during my time in the organization has made me proud of myself. I have been a person who wants to attain the desired goals in a specified time and thus this made me desire and appreciate architecture more. I have always admired the buildings that have been designed by most of the architects and being given the chance to use my skills in Baran Bannan was an honor since they entrusted me with work for the professionals.
Candi Prambanan the cultural heritage has been uniquely designed using stacking of stones and thus its maintenance and preservation of the culture will help in understanding the whole work of the world. Architecture is a process that needs to be instilled in an individual in order to bring out all the feelings of the design. The earthquakes bound to hit the buildings should not affect the existence of the building since the architect will have looked into such predicaments and should put in place their recommendations. Stone working materials in the cultural heritage showed that the construction was for a long time ago and shows the Hindu style of constructing houses. The experience of this kind of volunteer work was rewarding since I was able to learn the culture of other tribes which is most basic for architects as it helps in bringing out the design. Architecture is a field that needs individuals to be creative in their working and produce original designs bearing in mind the upcoming designs in the market. Architects need to be well conversant with the new designs in the market and I know that through my traveling expeditions, I have been able to collect some vital information. Having all these experiences and knowledge, I know that am going to put them into good use and deliver much more I given the chance to display my ability. Sharing of acquired knowledge is something I encourage since it will enable me to learn from others.
Senior, M. and Mannix, P. (2001). Writing an effective personal statement: a step-by-step guide. New York: Senior Plcs.

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