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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:14
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1. What topics should be covered in the training program?
It is clear that in her first year Marianne made several mistakes, which led the recruitment campaign to becoming absolutely inefficient. One of the main mistakes was that she did not provide the recruiters with substantial information and proper interviewer skills training. In the new recruitment training program Marianne should include following major aspects. First of all, the recruiters should be able to provide precise information concerning the company and the positions they are recruiting for, since it is crucial for the interviewees to know the exact functions and demanded qualifications for the job. Secondly, a unified interviewing system should be implemented, so that each recruiter will ask the interviewees same questions according to the qualifications needed in one of the three divisions. This measure will help Marianne receive unified feedback and be able to consider the candidates more effectively. Thirdly, training on communication skills should make the interviewers tactful, polite and competent, in order to ask the interviewees only required questions without going into too much personal details. Finally, the recruiters should be proficient in time-management, so that no complaints, tarnishing the company’s reputation, would arise.
2. What materials and training aids will be needed for the program?
Firstly, the recruiters should obtain brochures, touching upon the company’s major functional activities, targets, mission statement etc. to be its competent representatives. Secondly, the trainees should receive handbooks on designing interviews, in which they will be able to learn about conducting interviews with different types of applicants and inquiring about their professional qualifications, personal skills and traits of character. Special emphasis should be laid on the interviewing techniques and strategies, since the recruiting managers are not specialized in this particular functional activity. Thirdly, the recruiters should attend training sessions devoted to interpersonal communication, including interviewing conventions, listening skills, answering respondent questions and gaining cooperation with them. Finally, the trainees should master a basic rapport establishing course, which will help them provide Marianne as their immediate superior with unified and most objective feedback on the interviewees.
3. What skills should the trainees actually practice during the training?
The to-be-recruiters should, first, practice interpersonal skills: interacting with the respondent, asking questions according to the developed plan, answering respondent’s questions concerning the vacancy and the company, leading the whole process. It should be outlined that the interviewer is to be able to retrieve the demanded information and estimate the interviewee’s potential in the most polite way, being confident and hands-on. Second, the trainees should improve their own performance in terms of time-management and accuracy. It is vitally important, as it significantly amends the image of WFC in the applicants’ eyes. Third, the recruiters should be trained to evaluate the interviewees according to a uniform gradation system, eliminating any subjective perception.
The above mentioned measures should help the trainees obtain the required skills, which will allow them to carry out a successful recruitment campaign.

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