Annotated Bibliography On Nursing

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:03
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DiCenso, A., Cullum, N., & Ciliska, D. (1998). Immigration, and the Economic Outcomes. Evid Based Nurs , 1:38-39 doi:10.1136/ebn.1.2.38 .
The emergence of evidence based nursing has given the perception that it is new, however, this article by three leading authorities on evidence based nursing asserts that it is not entirely new. The article presents evidence of nursing practices, driven by the latest research findings, practice experience and evidence. Despite this evidence, evidence based practice has attracted growing criticism from varied fronts. These include the assertion that it is new and disruptive, leading to the erosion of standards in the profession. In addition, evidence based nursing has been blamed for breeding cookbook professionalism and laying too much emphasis on random trials and findings as against solid standards and evidence. Besides addressing these cvriticisms, this article presents a helpful overview on evidence based nursing, its principles, strengthes as well as limitations.
Needleman, J., Buerhaus, P., & Mattk, S., Stewart, B. A., Zelevinsky, K. (2002, May 30, 2002).
Nurse-Staffing Levels and the Quality of Care in Hospitals. The New England Journal of
Medicine , 346:1715-1722.
Needleman et al are leading academics who have taught at multiple institutions, including UCLA and Vanderbilt University among others, and this article presents research findings on the hypothesis that the shortage of nursing staff leads to increased occurrence of complications and deaths among patients. Drawing on administrative data spanning multiple years, which were variously analyzed, this article concludes that there is little evidence to indicate that increased nursing staff in hospitals had a bearing on the occurrence of deaths and complications. These findings effectively cast doubt on the widespread perceptions among the public and medical practitioners that greater nursing care hours have a correlation to better care accorded to the patients.

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