Analyzing The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:38:52
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1) Topic: “Analyzing the Ethical Dilemma” refers to the dilemma that several people face while dealing with the modern day media. Be it the web service, the mobile, or the telephone, at some point of time every one faces a dilemma. The topic here discusses various aspects of ethical theories as compounded by authors and checking whether the dilemma in concern is actually right in its wont or not.
2) Hypothesis / Analysis Question: “Is it ethical to apply for a new job, while knowing that the present employer will look you up?”
3) Summary: One of the major dilemma with respect to the present media structures is applying for a job with full knowledge that the present employer will look you up on the net. Nevertheless, in order to explore better and newer possibilities, we tend to do just that, hesitating a bit due to the dilemma. According to various authors, the ethical theories can be divided into four types, depending on the factor they are based upon, namely: good consequences for all, duty, human rights, and virtues. A few other theories also include the point of motive or intention as a way of identifying a justifiable dilemma. Within the process of introspection, it can be seen that the dilemma in concern is actually justifiable. One of the reasons is that internet and the ability of the employer to look you up is a breach of privacy of the employee. Secondly, the consequences of the employee applying for a new job are not bad for any of the parties concerned. By way of virtue, there is actually nothing wrong about applying for a new job, except for the fact that one is utilizing the time and resources provided by the present employer for our benefit. Lastly, by way of duty, the dilemma and the actions involved stand juxtaposed. The reason is that our moral duty is to rather confide into the present employer, and if not, at least use our own resources and private time to apply for new jobs. By way of motive, since our motives are clean, the dilemma again may be justified and may not be a cause for concern. To summarize it all, most of the ethical theories would agree with our take on the dilemma described above.
Hence, it can be concluded that by making use of the ethical theories explained and expostulated by the authors and philosophers of our times, it becomes easier to identify if the actions we want to recourse are actually justifiable and if the dilemmas we face actually need any clearing.
4) Annotated Bibliography:
Alia, V. (2004). Media ethics and social change. London: Routledge
[This book explains the various Media ethics and theories that help us identify the justifiability of our actions at the time of facing an ethical dilemma. Several of the theories explained in this book have been used by us in the writing of theproject.]
Christians, C.G., Rotzoll, K.B., Fackler, M., McKee, K.B., and Woods, R.H. Jr. (2005). Media Ethics: Cases And Moral Reasoning (7th ed.). London: Pearson Education Inc.
[This book is about the media ethics. The book gives several situations as examples and explains the working of the ethics in these. While some of the examples offer a positive ethical view, a few others give us a negative impression. Nevertheless, the book is extremely useful in understanding the ethical stand that one might take when facing an ethical dilemma.]

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