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Published: 2021-06-22 00:28:00
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Portland Community College was established over a decade ago and has been contributing to the community and fraternity of Oregon in a great way since its inception. With its great range of courses, the college has become a pathway to universities not only in Oregon but also in other American states. Based on short term courses, the college has been able to serve millions of students in its long duration of existence. The college has indeed undergone numerous changes over these years in efforts to serve its customers better and also to ensure that it produces quality education as well as producing performance oriented graduates (Schwartz, 89).
However, being a college that serves such a great customer base, the college has not reached its optimum in terms of service provision. There are a lot of changes that the college is yet to undergo so as to attain optimum production. This paper suggests that the college should introduce education on international law to be taught parallel to course AMR 1000 which educates on Americanization (Rachel, 123).
Like many other colleges in America, the college enrolls both American students and students from many other parts of the world. In preempting the need to acquire American nationality by naturalization, the college offers a course on the protocols that have to be observed and the step that a prospect nationalized citizen has to undergo so as to acquire nationality. The course includes the various laws of immigration and registration of persons (Rachel, 140). It also ensures that the produces graduates who are well acquainted on the expected responsibilities of an American citizen (Schwartz, 100).
Proposed changes
This paper proposes that Portland Community College should introduce similar courses that prepare its students on the probable acquisition of foreign nationality. While the immigration to America has been on the increase in the twenty second century, the college should not be oblivious of the fact that, there are still American citizens who are seeking citizenship in other countries. The preference on citizenship is a personal decision. Portland Community College has for the long duration of its existence shown its determination to help its students and the general community of the Oregon state make informed decisions (Rachel, 102).
In the recent years, most of the American retirees have sought to settle down in countries others than America. Also, it has become an emerging trend for the American graduates who get professional attachment to foreign countries changing their nationality (Schwartz, 104). The personal attachment that is brought about by the interactions in place of work, as well as visiting of tour and attraction sites within the country of work, has pooled many Americans to foreign countries as it has done to foreigners who work in America.
Both in the developed and the developing countries, the constitutions have in the recent years adopted and accepted duo citizenship. This was in the twentieth century and earlier not available. One of the countries that allow duo citizenship is America. Thus as Portland Community College prepares its graduates on probable acquisition of American citizenship, it should also prepare them to foreign citizenship acquisition.
Implementation strategy
The implementation strategy of the above proposed change has to take several stages. Some of the stages that shall be involved include, research, procurement of source documents, legalization, procurement of human resource, creation of space, advertisement, pilot program, and, regular update. All these processes may take a considerably long time and financial resource thus the management needs to be convinced on the proposal before commencing any change.
The first step has to be a feasibility study on the need of the introduction of the course. The management of Portland Community College should conduct a study aimed at revealing the level at which the residents of Oregon state where it is located acquire foreign citizenship. The management should thus constitute a research team which shall answer the following questions: how often do the Oregon residents change citizenship? What are the destinies of choice for those who change their citizenship? Do the applicants of such a change apply for duo citizenship or for single citizenship there by dropping American citizenship? What is the relevance of the laws in American naturalization to that of destiny countries? Which other colleges offer such courses? Are there universities that Portland Community College can partner with in offering this course? (Rachel, 125)
After the feasibility study and the research, the college should sources the teaching materials. These materials should be from the countries that the research team has identified as the common destination for residents of Oregon who seek foreign citizenship (Schwartz, 92). The materials should include sections of the countries’ constitution that affect change of citizenship in their favor, the judicial precedent for persons who have successfully acquired citizenship in those countries as well as those who have been denied citizenship for those countries. The materials should show relationship of American laws to those of the destination countries. The materials sought should also include the changes that have been made from the earliest to the most recent. This will give the trend in these laws as well as helping in preempting the changes that may occur in future.
After the materials have been sought, the college should seek the legal authority to teach these courses in the college. This should include verifying to the education board in Oregon that the college that the college has the ability to teach the courses without compromising the quality of the courses that it offers, that the course shall not at any point be against the American laws or be taught in a manner that will portray American citizenship as inferior, that the courses are meant to benefit the residents of Oregon (Schwartz, 125).
Moreover, the college shall be required to seek the human require to facilitate the study. These has to be drawn from the persons who are qualified in the knowledge of international laws especially those that affect nationality. The persons should also be updated on the changes that occur and the terns of changes. The teaching personnel shall also be requiring to posses knowledge and qualification in political science as citizenship is highly affected by political changes.
After acquiring the human resource, the company shall be required to run a pilot program. This can be run parallel to the advertisement. As soon as the pilot program is proven, the college shall be set to roll out and start the program. The college is also to implement the course in stages, starting with students in the college before offering the course online. The course shall require regular update so as to ensure that it contains the most recent changes in the laws of citizenship and changes in political fields (Rachel, 123).
Financial justification
All the above mentioned stages in implementation of the change require a heavy financial output. This means that the research team that shall be mandated to oversee the change has to convince the board that the change is worthy and that it will be capable of repaying the fortune used in implementing the change. As noted above, the world is dynamic and is changing rapidly. The changes in the information technology have made the world a global village. With the technology development, the college also needs to diversify the range of its products so as to meet the demands of the market (Schwartz, 96). By introducing the above mentioned course, the college shall be able even to enroll online students that need top know how that can acquire nationality apart from American. Online studies have proven to be a catchment area fro many colleges ion the recent past.
The field of education has proven to be very competitive. The products that each college offers lure the students to it as well as the quality of the staff, the living standards, and other factors. The issue of citizenship in many countries is an area that is yet to be exhausted in education. Introduction of such a course will put Portland Community College a cut above the rest. The ability to teach such a course will also prove to the world that Portland Community College is not racist thus winning even more students.
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