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Published: 2021-06-22 00:41:18
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GET MY ESSAY is the largest online retailer in the globe. Actually, the company has several websites and serves many people in the world. It was founded in 1994 by Bezos Jeffrey, and it went online in the year 1995. Since then Amazon has expanding and being innovative in the book retail industry, (Hitt et al, 2010). They strategically laid down their management, marketing and innovative approaches of their products.
Perhaps, Amazon is the leaders in the changes taking place in the book market. Kindle, has lead to easy reading of e-books and storage. Amozon.Com has become very innovative to extend that its capabilities are endless. They have strategically planned to be innovative and successful entrepreneurs (Hitt et al, 2010). The innovations include e-commerce products, electronic mailing, easy use of websites as well as online reading.
Actually, the Amazons e-book reader has undergone a lot of innovations so as to meet customers’ needs and be competitive in the market. Some of the features of kindle include DRM support, Mp3 players, Blog subscription, Kindle Now Now, supports font types, Ergonomics design, Audible e-books, text file download, as well as files not supported. Additionally since its launch Amazon has improved the kindle make. Some of the types include kindle, kindle touch, kindle touch 3G, kindle keyboard, kindle fire and kindle DX, (Hitt et al, 2010).
Kindle Dx was introduce in 2009, despite the fact that it is cuborsome; it has a larger screen that makes the access of graphics easy. Furthermore, it helps the device can be used to down load e-books that are found in the Amazons inventory. They are also thinner and allow translation of text into voice. Kindle as enabled Amazon Company to make profits
Kindle technology must move fast in the innovational and entrepreneurial sector. This is because some of its feature can be imitated. For example, Sony and apple are the e-competitors in the market. Certainly, it is more likely that kindle would revolutionize publishing industries. Kindle has created a platform for advertising and news. As a matter of fact newspapers and book publishers are in trouble, consumers can subscribe and read new via the kindle. Book publishers will completely be faced out, because it would be of no importance with the presence of kindle (Hitt et al, 2010). Amazon could make deals with e-book authors
Actually, is always improving in the providing services to its customers. It allows its customers to actually upload video reviews of the product they want. This is made possible by webcams as well as video camera in uploading and recording reviews to
Hitt, M, Duane, Ireland, R & Hoskisson, R. (2010). Strategic Management: Competitiveness &
Globalization, Concepts. London: Wiley.

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