Admission Essay On Why I Should Be Accepted Into The Mba Program

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:24
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Admission Essay-Why I Should be accepted into the MBA program at Midland University in Nebraska
My diverse educational and professional experiences have instilled in me a passion to learn more in business. Looking at my experiences, there are four areas that I believe have prepared me for an intense MBA program in your reputable school. Firstly, I was able to complete a five year Finance course in four years. I enrolled in the undergraduate course in 1987 at UNL, and worked extremely hard including taking summer classes to complete in four years. Secondly, I was able to juggle my marital life with my professional role in APC and a bank in Omaha. For instance, at in 1995, I used to drive, for long distances to Omaha, to work and return home the same day to take care of my family. I even travelled internationally to review financial reports for FX. Thirdly, my different roles while working at APC have exposed me to different aspects of business administration. The crucial roles I have ever tackled are back in 2004 where I began setting up FX in the US, and managing fulltime when the managing partner was in China and Europe. Lastly, sudden relocations in the localities I grew up have advanced my flexibility and adaptation skills. Hence, the changes have altered my ideals through viewing life from a broader perspective. For instance, by leaving my home town in the West Coast, I realize that no matter where i am I can achieve what I set my mind too.
My decision to enrol in Midland University for a graduate degree in MBA is to advance my knowledge in international and domestic business, and boost my career chances. Similarly, the Midland University focuses on global standards and teaches new business perspectives. Therefore, our objectives are similar meaning that a business woman like me can face business challenges in a more enlightened view, and implement solutions that are practical and useful. The institute is also in proximity to my family. I live with my family in Nebraska and with my tight schedule, a school nearby would enable me pursue my studies effectively. The university also has a robust commerce department, which would be beneficial to me when I want to select my major. The 10 majors offered are customized according to the current domestic and international business environment. Therefore, all of them are crucial hence I would be spoilt for choices in selecting my major; which is a good thing. Education has been one of my main interests as currently I am a member of the board of education at Cedar Bluff School. This role has enabled me want to become part of an institute’s culture and experience the academic life. Hence, what better institute than Midland University that has a unique learning culture that has lasted since 1883. Lastly, the different sporting activities offered in the college are an attraction. My family and I enjoy going to all the sporting events whether it is to watch our friends’ children, our nephew or just come to watch. My contribution in sports is evident through being an assistant soccer coach.
The reason why I want to enrol now is that my children are grown up and are mostly in school so I can take up one more challenge in furthering my studies. In the changing global economy, business people must have knowledge on diversity, globalization, and innovative techniques. These concepts cannot be easily learned practically, but must be theoretically imparted. Hence, learning them now is advantageous right when the world requires new business minds to combat the recession. Therefore, I have been thinking about the MBA course for a while now, and it was only a year ago that I decided to act on my plan. I was also not able to enrol earlier for the course because Midlands University was not offering the course. However, since its introduction I want to be part of the institute and become a pioneer in the MBA course. After the program, I would have knowledge in business administration and how to blend practical and theoretical business operations. I would also be effective in locating opportunities, forecasting, and expansion of business enterprises.
In conclusion, I believe I will be a valuable asset in your school if granted an opportunity because of my unique qualities. First, being a mother and a business woman I am able to approach my tasks responsibly and well planned. I have done so in the past and would be able to achieve it in my course work. Secondly, I have over 15 years’ experience in business administration serving in international companies with 7 of those years including international enterprises. I also understand specialities such as sales, taxation, budgeting, financial reporting, and HR. These professional experiences would promote my understanding of the course. Lastly, I am a college graduate from UNL who majored in Finance. The undergraduate course has provided me with a strong foundation of business management, which would be crucial in MBA. Also, I gained academic skill such as being analytical and able to research from my undergraduate course.

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