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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:40
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My Criterion for Selecting Business Schools and How Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business meets these expectations. Baruch College was recommended by my accounting professor at Stony Brook University as a very competitive college with a highly reputable accounting program. Taking the professor’s advice, I transferred to Baruch College to major in accounting. I have studied at Baruch for the past 3 years and it has been a greatly satisfying experience. Consequently, I’m going to graduate at Baruch on June 2011. At this point, I have decided to apply to a graduate school to fulfill New York CPA license’s requirement. In addition, this will enable me to gain more exposure to accounting, positively influencing the accomplishment of my short-term goal - passing the CPA exam, and long-term goal - being the CEO of a private firm. I believe that Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business is the best environment to acquire professional accounting skills for the three reasons listed below:
Baruch’s has a renowned master’s degree in accounting. Leading media reports, such as U.S. News and The Princeton Review, have mentioned Baruch as one of the most influential business schools in US, especially their graduate programs in accounting. Baruch is tied at second rank with Harvard University for the “Number of Graduates in 100 Most Influential in Accounting Worldwide”, Being an accounting student of Baruch College, I have no doubts about its capabilities. Well organized curriculums help me stay on the path to becoming an AICPA, and I have established a good reputation in the accounting society by studying at Baruch and communicating with the faculty.
Why I Choose Baruch: Reason #2
I believe that Baruch will improve my career prospects as I am able to communicate and share views with students who have their own diverse interests and experiences. Discussions with classmates who have a variety of thoughts based on their own culture and background will enable me to consider different perspectives on the same issue. I believe that it would help me understand cultural differences, and that understanding would be an asset to enhance my career prospects. At the same time, I feel my experiences and interests would be a valuable contribution to Baruch.
Why I Choose Baruch: Reason #3
I have always sought to choose the most efficient and effective way to invest valuable assets such as time and money. Baruch has offered our community sophisticated education with affordable tuition for about 90 years. I believe that studying at Baruch will provide me with a great return on investment in the future. I look forward to embarking on Baruch’s master’s program not only to improve my knowledge but also apply it practically.

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