Admission Essay On Why Do I Want To Become An Architecture

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:24
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Humans are interested in dominating over their fellow humans. They thus develop an urge to control their fellow humans and this is magnified in their quest for success. Through academic success, scholars always hold a position, not so common among their fellow individuals. My intention has always been to be a prosperous architect. Both talent and passion shape up future architects. By having distinct architectural ambitions, the people indulged into these fields find it hard to have shallow-minded objectives.
I personally have ambitions of joining the Pontifical Catholic University School and fulfilling my longstanding aspirations to be an architect. Architecture generally represents the group of people without political or social aspirations, but with dreams of generating mega-structured facilities with some specs of neo architectural designs (Waldrep 83). The reason that makes me worthwhile in generating multiple designs at my will is due to the fact that I hold some background interest in design and creative arts. These personal goals have enabled me to soar to the highest of heights without worrying about the personal and inter-investment rights among employees.
The career has been an idea that many teenagers have opted to leave behind their discussion in order to maintain a clean sheet of events. As an aspiring architect, my main aims have been projected towards ensuring that the government and the business initiatives across my jurisdiction are outlined in an outright format.
The architectural course is one of the toughest for students. This means that these aspiring architects will not reap any benefits from the stupid stunt that they tried to pull (Waldrep 85). It is through total dedication and aspirations that these goals will be achieved. During my high school years, the government embarked on many social and politically motivated issues. This was meant at eradicating all the complications that ensued with political and social disintegration. Throughout my high school aspects, I braced myself to ensure that the country maintained its peace and stability.
Having acquired English as some of my languages, I embarked on maintaining a smooth flow in the normal activities carried out by the government. The course has been established as being one of the major players in the development of the country (Murton 1). Architecture involves a lot of personal and institutionalized commitments. It therefore stands out as one of the most plausible developments towards achieving personal growth.
It is my wish that I pursue my goals and dreams in order to attain an absolute backing towards my pursuit. With the relevant guidance, I believe that I can procure all the necessary information and data that will propel me to heights either higher or at par with my political ambitions. Architecture will open up my understanding of the events as well as ensure that my livelihood is shaped according to my quest and need for a reformed society. I therefore present my undying quest to preserve and maintain a winning streak of academic and personal quests in order to ensure that my life is not only protected, but assured of a brighter future among the rest of the university.
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