Admission Essay On What Do You Hope To Accomplish During Your College Years

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:33
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Every student is expected to make his/her first profound steps on the way to fantastic future and open the doors to great career opportunities and achievements while studying. However, my ultimate aim goes far further than just building an astonishing career. I would like to study at Molloy College in order to gain as much knowledge as possible so that I could use it in practice and finally, help people who really need my proficiency to be applied. Career is not the point. Being useful to society, making a considerable contribution to the development of human race and life-saving – that is something I really wish to accomplish after I gain enough knowledge and practice at Molloy College.
Unfortunately, I was not enough mature to recognize all the importance of education and how it can affect my future few years ago. For this reason, I was not as much motivated as I am now. Consequently, I was not successful in grades while studying at the community college. However, after I changed the school, I realized that not only my future is in my hands – I also hold the future of the people who need my help and care. Nursing presupposes being of great help and, thus, making a contribution to the society and generation. Undoubtedly, one needs the profound preparation and knowledge before interacting with the sick. That is exactly what I would like to achieve during my studying at Molloy College.
To conclude, I am ready to overcome all the obstacles on my way to gaining the career I dream about so that I could be helpful to my country. I strongly believe in the notion that dreams come true.

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