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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:24
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Personal Statement
I never realized that my activities were gradually shaping me up for a career in archiving. I had a habit of always keeping anything that I thought was worth keeping. Maintaining postage stamps, pictures, newspaper articles, song lyrics and movies, was an activity that not only fascinated me, but also gave a satisfaction in a unique way. Little did I know that was the beginning of my career to at one time in life I would opt to build a career related to archiving. For the last 25 years, I have maintained a record breaking personal TV, movie, and book series guides. By the time I was joining high school, I had already developed a scintillating interest in studying library science. I proceeded to pursue a bachelor’s degree in library science at the university. It is logical, therefore, that I pursue a master’s degree in library science in a university.
The first time to be in Xyz University I was attending a professional conference. I must admit that I fell in love with this university immediately I stepped into its compound. The university boasts of excessively qualified lecturers, a serene learning environment, and magnificent learning facilities. Also, worth noting is the fact this position seven ranked university internationally has a well-equipped library arranged in a manner that clearly gives an insight of how a library should be organized. The arrangement of this library will undoubtedly add value to my MLS course if a get admission. To accomplish my intentions of enhancing my current library science skills, and place myself at a better position of maintaining a private archive, I have a strong conviction that this is the perfect place for me to pursue my dream and possibly further my education by enrolling for PhD.
I am an academically versatile individual with excellent analytical abilities. I am a staunch team player with exemplary leadership qualities. Moreover, I possess impeccable communication skills, both written and spoken, that makes it extremely easy for me to communicate with everyone. The desire to succeed is what underlies my every action with regards to my career goals. I am advantaged with intelligence that I indubitably attribute to my level in success both academics and co-curricular activities. I enjoy pitching screenplays and writing short stories. Currently I manage contractors and recruit participant for public health grants. Furthermore, I have served as a supervisor, a coach, and a trainer.

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