Admission Essay On Degree Objective Masters In Sports Administration

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:33
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Admission Essay
When I stand before a mirror and see my image, I always become cognizant of how much I have matured and changed, both physically and mentally as a creative and useful figure in the society, who can conduct most of the social and economic activities proficiently. The passion for business and sports has generated a veritable transition in my life, and the desire to achieve this dream has been characterized by a plethora of facets, which encompass hard work, self motivation, curiosity, determination and excess dedication in all forms of knowledgeable written materials. In tandem to this, business, inclusive of its principles and management has also been a fundamental aspect in my life. This aspect has been propelled by the titanic changes in the world of business, which is observable through the increasing number of wealthy men and women, especially in the field of sports. In conjunction to this, grandness and relevancy of any business issues to the modern and advanced world have impelled me to gain a valuable interest to study business at high levels, most preferably masters. Besides, I am also motored by the realism that I am the first sibling in a family of eight to be endowed with an opportunity to see the gates of a graduate school; thus, I work extra hard not to disappoint my parents and my younger siblings who perceive me as a role model.
I am an academically multifaceted individual who is well conversant with written literature pertaining to business management and administration, and my academic performance has been outstandingly fantastic. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Kean University, Union. In line with this, my incredible grades enabled me to secure a chance as an intern with ESBL Management, in Somers, New York, between the period of June and August, 2010, making me the only preferred student from the division III, from the University. I gathered plenty of experience, through working for ESBL Sports, as a Marketing Associate. The major roles in the company were; to lead the marketing staff in areas of research, and demographics, develop exceptional promotions, identify new customers, and create and maintained client relationship, which was an immense step in retention and the elevation of revenue and partner opportunities. In addition to this, I participated fully in supporting and coordinating negotiations between client and marketing department, and in developing new concepts to market products and services. Further, I was in the fore front, in the analysis of the competitor plans, and in the implementation of the company’s marketing plan adeptly, which amounted to a recognizable performance of the company. Again, I had an opportunity to be interviewed with Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) right off the college, which in turn inspired me and supercharged my morale for work and further studies.
In connection to this, I also had an opportunity to work for First Round Marketing in New Milford, in New Jersey, as from May, 2011. Currently I hold the position of the Marketing Executive, attributed to the magnificent performance depicted through; the expansion of the marketing demographic, creation of creative and unique endorsement packages for clients, and the constructive negotiations for both financial and contractual obligations. Moreover, I have taken part in the research for potential clients for possible endorsement opportunities for better performance of the company. The two job placements have sufficed me with immaculate experience in business management and administration, improved my qualities as leader, and modified my personality to an ambitious and a remarkably balanced individual in times of decision making. Further I also gained more focus, and actuated to achieve the best in my career and life.
Outside academia, I love music highly depicted through my passion of playing piano. Similarly, I have a lot of enthusiasm in sport, ascribed to the fact that sports aid in keeping the body fit and healthy. Besides, involvement in sports, either through participating in games or the management of sports, has led to generation of significant income that can enhance livelihood. I am also extremely competitive, and I love engaging in teamwork, which aid in the development personality, public speaking and strengthen decision making capabilities. Moreover, I tend to achieve all my set goals, and turn all my dreams into reality, a character best needed for success.
In line with my goals of becoming a successful and prominent sports agent, it is utterly logical that I get an admission into a magnificent institution. The institution should not only foster me into achieving my dreams, and attain the best master degree in Sports Administration, but also build me to become a fundamental asset of change and development in the community and world in general. The institution of my interest is the University of Fairleigh Dickinson, ascribed to its quality education, depicted through the degree it offers from associates to PhD level. Further, the institution also possesses a friendly atmosphere, and programs are delivered in small class format. The general structure also conflates with a vast range of cultural diversity that allow maximum interaction and sharing of ideas. The institution also possesses unimpeachable reputation in the athletic field, which gives me an upper hand in the study of sports administration. Conventionally, I also believe with all the work experiences gained in the two job placements I possess the potential and the ability to gain much knowledge and skills on sports administration in the master degree.
I am highly hopeful to get a chance to the university, and gain the necessary skills after undergoing the training at the University. The acquired knowledge and skills will enable me obtain an opportunity to work as a successful sports agent with a prominent agency, and if possible open up my agency in the future, after acquiring the necessary knowledge and resources.

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