Admission Essay On Business Is An Appropriate Field Of Study And Potential Career For Me

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:26
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I have always been a very ambitious and determined person, and whatever I started, I have always finished it up to scratch. That’s the very reason why I had been authorized to become a monitor in high school for two years. That experience did not but taught me essential things: first and foremost I realized that in order to reach tangible results in managerial sphere one should have patience and resilience, as all the people are individuals and they require personal approach. Moreover, that very experience gave me a feeling of responsibility, as it is indispensible, when you are in charge of others.
I am also grateful to my parents, who have not only boosted me to self-development, but also enabled me to upgrade my knowledge and skills working in their business. Although, their business is far from an international company, it has taught me a lot, as I was allowed to learn all the nuts and bolts of the way business actually works. Moreover, I have already been able to practice obtained skills at the manufacture company, where I worked during two summer breaks. I was learning there how to run a business each and every day, and was really happy to be a part of the team, as every single day I realized that the road I had chosen was the correct one.
Undoubtedly, languages also play a vital role when it comes to Business. It is very important to have good knowledge of at least one international language to participate on the international stage. I have lived in China for 17 years and in Canada for 2 years and these years have given me an opportunity to study two most widespread languages in the world, let alone in the Business sphere.
I am convinced that Business is the very filed I would like to devote my life to, since everything I do, I do it with determination and a strong desire to win. I do hope that this very opportunity will open up new horizons for me and will enable me to develop my skills even more.

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