Accessibility Of Higher Education In Gulf States Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:06
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The higher education system in the gulf countries has been a matter of concern for the global agencies like World Bank and global gender gap index because of certain complexities that prevents the way of modernization and gender equality though the situation has improved in the recent times. Public and private educational institutes have contributed a lot in the improvement of the standard of higher education system in the gulf countries. After the decade of nineties, a sharp rise has been seen in the standard of the education. Privatization and especially Americanization of the education has been observed in the gulf cooperation council states.
Reports from world economic forum and global gender gap index portray a poor picture of the situation. GGGI has ranked the United Arab Emirates at a 105th position among the 130 countries. Reports from the World Bank portray the ill situation of the employability of the education system of the gulf countries.
The situation needs a lot of attention from the authorities. To make the education system employable, indiscriminating, modern and to meet the requirements of the today, it is imperative to improve the current scenario.
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