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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:58
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18th of August is the world day of people who are left handed. There are a number of studies that support the thesis about positive traits that left-handed people have. In the past, lefthanders were characterized as someone who has and need to change so that he/she could belong to the group of so-called “normal“people. However, when psychology took this subject into its own hands it was proved that no change is necessary.
There are a number of studies that support the thesis about positive traits in left-handed people. According to the researches, lefthanders have better memory they are better in sport The interesting thing is that out of the 12 last USA presidents, six of them were lefthanders, including the current president Barak Obama. According to the study that was conducted at Northwestern University left-handiness is a product of cooperation and competition in evolution. In other words, people who are left handed (10% of population) can easily mislead and fool others as the majority are right handed and therefore create confusion as right-handers are not prepared to predict their next move. In the book written by Tod Tremlin Minds and Gods, he explained what kind of confusion and difficulty can be created in the attempt to predict and as such it threatenes the survival of the majority of right-handed population.
Even though we, the lefthanders, live in the world where everything is subordinated to right handed population, from driving a car to using a scissors, we can proudly say that all of these obstacles did not discourage us, but nevertheless gave us the desire and will to strive and be better, because we are. Lefthanders have the ability to use both hands, to be more creative and to predict the unexpected.

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